Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eastside Stitchers Holiday Swap


Eastside Stitchers held our Holiday Swap party tonight at Crossroads Mall.  I tried to take lots of photos, but it was a very full night, and there were lots of people (3 tables), so I'm not sure how exact this report will be.

First, we started the evening with treats from Starbucks gifted by Redbird1 all the way from Massachussetts.

I had a skinny peppermint mocha.  YUM.

Then, we had two new knitters:  Alphabetadell, and Stephzuel123 (from Sunday knitting).  It was a crazy night to join in, but I hope they had fun.  Not only were we swapping holiday gifts, but there was a jazz singing group on the Crossroads stage;  an adult jazz singing group;  singing jazz arrangements of Christmas songs. 

Some people had to leave early, and others came later, so we had a bit of a crazy time opening presents.  People brought their knitting, and we tried to knit through the fun.  Let me see how much sense my notes make, but here it is:

CathieC brought her MacArthur Park Poncho.  It is so interesting how the yarn is striping.

Wajio has begun the ribbing on her socks.  Yes, there is progress.

JitteryKnitter was knitting a beautiul hat.  I'm not saying who it is for... might be a Christmas gift.
Skeinherder was knitting her 15th? Christmas ornament mini-sock.

MsWiz has almost finished a fingerless mitt.  It's knit flat with button closures.  The construction seems so strange, but she demonstrated how it works for me and it is really pretty.

JulieMustKnit brought her sweater.  She has finished the sleeves and well into the body.  I guess all of that looking down she did was put to good use.

BlueBerryMary also brought a sweater.  You can sort of see the cable pattern.  This is going to be beautiful.

Puzan has started... a cowl.  ha ha big surprise as I think that is all I have ever seen her knit.  She is using scrap yarn, so it's a mix, but look how beautifully the blues match.

We had a visitor.  One of the newest ESS joined us for a bit at the round tables.  Of course she was wearing handknits.  Recognize the Aviatrix hat?
Tara1682 brought her Racing Ralndrops to weave in ends.  Tara brought all kinds of stuff to finish up.  It is way less boring to weave in ends if you are chatting with friends. 

Alphabetadell brought some cute baby items.  The pattern book she is using is an old one..  She is making two darling baby sets.
Anerenbe brought a  linen stitch scarf.  She is putting this variegated yarn to good use.

VanesaPolo came, but forgot her knitting!  That's ok, she now has "mom-brain."  That is the insanity you inherit from your kids.
Chockelet also came, with kids.  By then, I think I was so crazy I wasn't noticing knitting.  We had three who participated in the swap, but weren't able to make the party:  WireKnitter, Crunchynumbers, and AspenD.  MsWiz took AspenD's gift home (make sure you get the ENTIRE GIFT!),  Crunchynumbers DH and gorgeous son picked up her gift, and WireKnitter, I have yours.  I will bring it Friday.
I tried to take photos of the swap goodies, but I do not have who brought which items.  So, just enjoy seeing the items.  The exchange rules were Yarn, and Something Homemade. 
Yarn and candied nuts.
A Linen-Stitch Scarf!!

Yarn and cookies.
Scottish themed project bag, and cookies (This is yours AspenD!  Don't let MsWiz steal the bag... or the cookies)
A shawl pin by WireKnitter.  We do more than fiber work!  (well, some of you do.)
Yarn from Vogue Knitting, Chicago.
Cookies in a Jar.

Yarn and Stitchmarkers.

Project bag.
Small bag with knitting supplies:

I know I missed stuff.  I didn't post half of the photos I took of yarn.  Amazing.
Another fun gathering with awesome yarn and friends.
f1bercat shaping the planet with yellow sock yarn and some amazing cheesecake!  which I might just eat for breakfast. Because cheese has protein, right?

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