Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Advent Calendar Scarf, Day 19


We were supposed to get snow last night or early this morning, but instead, we have crisp, cold, and not enough clouds, just a glorious sunrise.

I finished up the spacer section for the Day 19 pattern this morning after first finishing the sewing of a project bag, and after numerous emails and phone calls.

I donated a project bag for a prize for Gryffindor for HPKCHC.  Of course the person who won is an excellent seamstress (she quilts), so I am nervous at my lack of sewing ability.  The bag is a simple Grab Bag, and the fabric is very cute,

so I'm sure she will like it anyway. 

Then I have been dealing with my son, Himes, by email.  He dropped his phone, shattering the screen, about a week ago, and can only communicate by email.  He missed his flight yesterday, don't ask, then his new flight this morning was cancelled because of bad weather in Utah, where he had a connection.  He is now on a shuttle to Phoenix (which the airline will not pay for because the flight was cancelled due to weather.)  There are more direct flights to SeaTac from Phoenix than Tucson, so a much better chance of getting here.  The weather is fine in Arizona.  The weather is fine here.  It is in between that is horrible.  Then, as if this all was not enough for him to handle, he lost his keys either in the taxi to the airport or at the airport.  I am waiting for him to arrive in Phoenix and have an internet connection again to get a description of the keys so I can call the airport in Tucson and see if they have them.  Ugh.  The good news is that he will be home tonight.

On to today's pattern.

This pattern seems like a very simple grouping of YO's and k2tog/ssk's.  Well, Kristin doesn't use ssk for her left leaning decrease, she uses s1, k, psso.  I have tried both and I can't see the difference, so I have been using ssk for the left leaning decrease.

The pattern makes a series of slants that radiate out from the center.  But they are not just ordinary slants.  There is a combination of kpk in the sections between the YO and slanted decreases.  It gives the sections this really cool texture.
I went ahead and knit the next spacer section, except for the final row.  I have to wait for the next pattern to know if I am increasing, decreasing or leaving the stitch count of that row alone.  Before I started knitting the spacer I had this many beads left:
and after knitting the spacer I have this many beads:
Eeeeeek!  Not enough for the next spacer.  I am waiting for another tube of beads to come in the mail.  Jo-Ann's was out of Amethyst, so I had to find some on-line.  I probably have half a tube lost in my couch (where I most often knit), the floor beneath the couch, in my knitting bag, or just somewhere on the floor in my house. Perhaps they have been sucked up by my Robot vacuum.   If the beads don't come today, I may have to go on a bead hunt.

This is what the scarf looks like now.  It's photographed with a meter stick so you can see the unblocked size.


I have also started the third skein of yarn.   Actually, the third skein was started at the beginning of Day 17.  I am waiting for the blocking to weave in the ends of the added skeins.

There will be five more patterns.  I am eager to knit on something new, but it will be almost strange to have this project finished.

shaping the planet with sewing and knitting and very few beads.
Close up of the frost on my front deck railing this morning.

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