Friday, July 25, 2014

10th Annual Stith 'N Pitch


Last night I went to watch the Seattle Mariners play the Baltimore Orioles at the 10th annual Stitch 'N Pitch.  We had a group of 10,  5 Eastside Stitchers, and Family.  Tara1682, Wireknitter, Readnitdream, JulieMustKnit and I brought various dh's and kids to watch the game and enjoy the fiber fun. 

It was freezing!  I brought my number 4 kid, Himes, and we almost brought one of my afghans with us to keep warm.  JulieMustKnit should have brought the beautiful bias afghan she has been knitting.  She could have draped it over her knees to keep warm while knitting.

There was a market set up with soooo many LYSs represented.  It was almost like a mini LYS-Crawl, but both South and North Puget Sound shops were represented.
Rain City Yarns

Fiber Gallery

Country Yarns
As well as:
Apple Yarns

Firwood Farm Alpacas

Acorn Street Shop
The Seattle Knitters Guild had a booth with a drawing for a $50 gift card to ANY local yarn shop.  I didn't win.

Seattle Knitters Guild

 All around us people were knitting or crocheting. The two knitters in front of me were working on colorwork projects, a pair of mittens, and a hat.  What?? I asked them, how could you bring colorwork?  I had brought a very simple hat to knit.  They both laughed and admitted that they had just grabbed wips, and that it had probably been a mistake.  The work was beautiful, though.
Himes wanted to watch the game, so I didn't linger very long in the market.  Tara1682 snagged some gorgeous sale yarns, for some reason, all in the same color of malachite.
hahahaha not really, she also bought some other colors... light green, too I think.

One of the most exciting parts of the game, was when the Mariner's Moose sat in the section next to ours, and tried to knit.
We missed having Schrike in our group as our resident "guy knitter" but about 5 rows below me was a guy knitting wearing what I am pretty sure is a Turn A Square hat by Jared Flood. 
We left after the Seventh Inning Stretch, while the Mariners were behind 0 - 4, because as anyone who has made the mistake of asking my opinion about Major League Baseball knows, I believe that all games should only be seven innings long.  That was the final score as the Mariners lost to the Orioles 0 - 4.

shaping the planet with baseball (ha ha not really, it's with knitting)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Babies, Friends, Knitters, Fun!


We had four babies at the regular Wednesday meet up of Eastside Stitchers.  I snagged a photo of Elena and Caroline, ok, Elena is the photo bug, and Caroline was a bit camera shy.  The gorgeous Emma and Addy were a part of the fun tonight, too.

I got to Crossroads about 6 pm and there were 2 tables full of fiber friends.  So, Who was there, and what were they knitting?

Readnitdream brought her first PAIR (she had made a single sock before) of socks.  She is almost to the toes...
Wajio brought a book of mitten patterns and some navy yarn.  Our stitch group has taken on a new charity.  One of our member's (Truespark) has a family connection to The Detroit Achievement Academy, an inner-city school in Detroit, Michigan.  Truespark's niece is a teacher there.  She asked Truespark if she could knit some hats and mittens for her class as the winters are brutal, and many of the kids do not have warm knitwear.  Well, we were talking about it on our trip to Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Dying Day, and we offered to help Truespark with the knitting.  We have started a thread in the Eastside Stitchers' Group.  To keep the knitwear a bit similar, we are using navy and white, and wool for warmth (regular or superwash).  Other than the colors, we are free to choose any pattern we like.  I'm hoping we can make enough for the whole class.

Anyway, Wajio was casting on some mittens for this charity project.
GwenS has finished her Harvest sweater.  Well, all but the buttons.
Honestly, with all GwenS has to do (work, a baby, a new house, ....) I don't know when she has time to knit, but look at this beautiful sweater!

Guess what Puzan was casting on?

Can you say c-o-w-l?
JitteryKnitter was back at work on her blanket.
VanesaPolo was working on a new design.  Shhh !  I had to take a partial photo since the design isn't finished, yet.
We had a guest Eastside Stitcher tonight.  One of Hvrdmnky's friends is visiting from Colorado, and Hrvdmnky brought her, along with the beautiful babies, to stitch night.  Threadpanda was knitting a beautiful sweater by Norah Gaughan, Sislana.

She is using a really interesting yarn.  It is hard to see in the horrible photo, but it has a really pretty shimmer.  The yarn is Berroco Elements.  It is a wool/nylon blend, but not the usual blend.  Actually, the nylon forms a sort of icord tube, and the wool is BLOWN into the tube.  The wool is not spun at all but is like ... well, fluff.  The nylon is clear?  I guess, and the color of the wool shows through.  But the nylon makes the yarn shimmer and shine.  It is really pretty.

I am not sure if Hrvdmnky actually did any knitting.... but she came!  and that is half the battle.

Tomorrow night is the Stitch and Pitch at the Seattle Mariners Game.  Our weather has turned cold, and I hope it is not too cold at the game.

shaping the planet with new friends, babies, and yarn.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bus AND Bike Commuter!


Today I took a Metro bus from the downtown Bellevue Transit Center to Northgate where I have been working all week.  I successfully got my bike on the bus bikerack (ok, another passenger helped).  Once we were on the road,  I KNIT on the bus!  Just like my bus knitting friends, GwenS and Tara1682.  I worked on a purple hat for charity.  I needed something pretty mindless.

When we got to the Northgate Transit center, I rode the 3 blocks to my job.  THEN... at 4 pm when I got off work, I rode my bike home!

Ok, the last 6 miles or so were agony.  When o when will my butt stop hurting ??  But I made it.  I had to walk up Heartbreak Hill, but that's ok.  It's all about getting there.

Also, I want to say that I just love our biking trail system.  The Burke-Gilman trail was wonderful.  And I just love riding along the Sammamish River Trail.  One funny thing:  I wore a bright yellow long sleeve t-shirt since I wasn't sure how long it was going to take me to get home, and I wanted to be easily seen if it was getting late (it took me about 3 hours and I got home at about 7 pm).  As I rode along the river, I kept going through swarms of these black gnats.  First I wished I had glasses on, as they almost got in my eyes more than once.  Then, I wished I had on a different color shirt, as the gnats seemed attracted to the yellow.  I had to keep brushing them off me.  Gross.

My butt hurts.  My back hurts (my backpack was too full...) and I am exhausted.  So I am off to bed early after hooking only one round on the current afghan square.

But, I DID IT!

shaping the planet with a sore butt, once again.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Next Generation


So I have been watching a lot of Star Trek: Next Generation.  This show has great memories for me.  First, I remember watching it with my husband when we were first married and lived in St. Louis, Missouri while he was in Med. School.  Also, my brother is a huge Star Trek fan, and when I am down visiting him, we always watch some episode of one of the many off shoots.

Anyway, why am I talking about this show in my knit/crochet blog?  other than I have been watching it while knitting and crocheting....

Because there was an episode with... KNITWEAR!

So here is the show's set up:

The Enterprise comes upon a distress beacon that is using a code that hasn't been used in centuries.  They figure out it is from a ship called the Mariposa, by looking at its cargo manifest.  It's the only record they can find of the ship.  As the Captain (Piccard) reads down the manifest curiously, he notes that they had spinning wheels on board.  Data (the android and my favorite character) gets a funny look on his face (his "I'm checking what this is in my computer memory" look) then starts reciting what a "spinning wheel" is. 

"a device used for spinning yarn or thread... Perhaps they were planning for the worst, Sir."  They were a ship of Utopians, trying to live close to nature.  They have no power source on the planet, and seem to have been cut off for 300 years.  They have to get them off the planet and bring them on the ship to save them.

They beam the first group on board and they bring farm animals including chickens, pigs, and a sheep!
The women are wearing some interesting shawls,
My favorite piece of knitwear was the cabled crop top worn by the main female Irish character:
She also wears a beautiful top of what looks a bit like Irish Clones lace covered by a triangular shawl.
I could never quite get a screen shot of that shawl. 

There is also a couple of spinning wheels in the show. In the screen shot above, you can just see one of them.  I think the set dressers had no idea what to do with the wheels, because look at how they have the fiber draped on one of them in this screen shot:
And what the heck is Piccard doing?

It's always fun to spot interesting knitwear in a show I love.  It was especially fun for this show since they mostly wear polyester!

Live long and prosper!
shaping the universe with wool

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Counter-Clockwise Around the Lake!


The horrible hot weather we had last week broke and we have had a few days of much cooler temperatures.  Today the high was only 21.6 C (71), and a bit drizzly in the morning.  I joined the Sunday Morning group of Eastside Stitchers at Panera for a few hours of knitting (crocheting on my part).  Then I worked for a few hours with one of my students.  She has to do a ginormous research project, and we hit the downtown Bellevue Library which is part of the King County Library System.  At about 3 pm I got on my bike and headed around Lake Sammamish.

The last time I rode around the lake, I started at Panera's after knitting, then continued clockwise along East Lake Sammamish Blvd towards Issaquah.  This time, I started at the bottom of 15th Pl. NE, and rode south, counter-clockwise around the lake.  I don't know if I am in better shape, or if it is just that I raised my seat about 3.8 cm (1.5 in), but it sure seemed easier this time.  I was able to ride the entire way.  No walking at all!

I actually had energy to push my bike up the 15th Pl hill without stopping.

I have been knitting and crocheting, but, since I am working tomorrow, early, and we are having a carmegeddon with the I90 bridge from Bellevue to Mercer Island closed except for 1 lane all next week, I need to get to bed.  I am not sure how I'm going to get to work.  It's going to be horrible.

shaping the planet from the seat of a bike.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eastside Stitchers Beat the Heat


It's too darn hot.  Really.

Ok, I rode 25 miles today (a personal best) down to Marymoor Park and onto the Sammamish River trail, turned around and rode back home.  It took about 2.5 hours!  Pretty good.

But the best thing about today was of course the Wed. meet up of the Eastside Stitchers at Crossroads.

We needed 2 tables, partly because there were 3 babies visiting.  Of course, I missed getting photos of the beautiful twins and Hrvdmnky, but I managed to get Addie to model some of the knitwear.

Jitteryknitter finished weaving in the colorwork baby hat she was making in time to have a real live model!
She also brought the colorwork sweater she is knitting.  You can see the steek lines all ready to be cut.
Puzan is also knitting a sweater, the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, in Tart by Madelinetosh.
She is almost ready to pick up the sleeve stitches.

Two sweaters being knit in the middle of summer!  As if that isn't enough heat, JulieMustKnit is knitting an afghan.
It's the Colorblock Bias Blanket by Purl Soho, also in Madelinetosh.

 Tara1682 is working on a Bias Before and After scarf.
Wireknitter was also knitting lace weight but a shawl, not a scarf.  It's the Bridgewater shetland shawl by Jared Flood.

GwenS was also knitting a sweater, but one for Addie.
The last sweater of the evening was BlueBerryMary's crocheted intarsia sweater she is making using a drawing by her grand-nephew.
CathieC brought her chart sample.  She is possibly making something to be framed, or maybe it's the beginning of an afghan (wow 2 afghans in July!) or maybe it's just a swatch.
Wajio came tonight and brought me information on how to get my bike on the Bus.  I have a job in North Seattle next week for 3 days, and I am hoping to ride the bus there, and bike home.  She left before I got my act together and got a photo of what she was knitting.

The Fiber Friday group is planning to meet at Grasslawn Park in Redmond this week.  I hope to have some nice photos of that park to put up.

I have to admit that the riding is tiring me out, and I have not been knitting/crocheting as much as I would like.  But, I do like riding.  Today, when I was on the Sammamish River Trail, I saw a flock of Canada Geese with their goslings.  I also watched a heron standing in the shallows fishing.  I made it all the way to Woodinville before turning around and riding all the way home, up Heartbreak Hill, without stopping.  If only I could figure out how to knit and ride =) 

shaping the planet in  the air conditioned comfort of Crossroads.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Some Squares


I have finished the first row (plus one square not shown) for the Wedding Afghan I am making (ok, the half of the Wedding Afghan, as my daughter, Allifer, is making the other half).

For the Final Round of Quidditch in the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC) this term, we had to craft something with 450 yds in two weeks.  Well, since I need to make 15 squares, and each square is about 100 yds, I decided to make 5 squares and hook them together for my Quidditch submission.

We are making the afghan out of Caron One Pound in Espresso, Beige, and Taupe.  I know, I have already made 2 afghans using these colors, and frankly, after the second one, I was pretty tired of them, but they go together really well, and make a nice neutral afghan that will go in many rooms without clashing (I hope).

I have been putting the squares up here as I finished them, but I haven't shown you the last two that I finished.

I took the Spider Square 

that I designed last year,
put her on a brick wall and gave her

So much fun to play with and expand on this pattern.

The other square is a bit wonky, I need to work with it a bit more to get it to lie flat (I might have to steam this one ... really that means melt it a bit), but I still love it.  Puzan brought me a photo of some crochet last Sunday, and asked if I could figure out the pattern.  It's a bit tough to see if the stitches are sc or hdc but I made this square using sc.  Anyway, for right now, I'm calling it "Drips."
I didn't ride my bike today, taking one day off, but hoping to get on the bike early tomorrow before I tutor and it gets hot.  Because it has been super hot here.  ugh!

shaping the planet with new afghan squares.