Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I'm a Teacher, WHEEEEEE!

Super quick post.

There is a line in the Broadway musical "Hamilton," during one of George Washington's songs where he promotes Lee to lead the army, and Lee sings, "I'm a General, WHEEEEEEE!" right before being overwhelmed by the British army.  This convoluted sentence is supposed to show that right now, I feel a bit like General Lee.  The teacher I was aiding for suddenly quit because of health problems, and I have taken over his classes.  I feel like singing, "I'm a teacher, WHEEEEEEEE!"  I'm not totally overwhelmed, but it's close.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Regular Eastside Stitchers Wednesday Meet up

I have started a new job.  In fact, I started today.  The young teacher I was helping as an instructional aide has quit because of health reasons, and I have taken over his classes.  I am a bit overwhelmed as I am just getting into the swing of what he had covered with the students, and trying to plan out next week, as well as the rest of the year.  The classes are Gifted Geometry (3 classes) and Algebra I (2 classes).  I am very excited to be teaching these classes, but they are both challenging, though for different reasons.  Anyway, I did make it to Crossroads for the regular Wednesday meet up of the Eastside Stitchers, but as I am very tired, this post will be fairly quick.

BlueberryMary has started another Heart scarf.  You might remember that last week she was working on a solid red one.  She is using self striping yarn for this version.
Chockelet is knitting the Lluna Shawlette by our own VanesaPolo.
DomesticShorthair is knitting a bed jacket from a vintage pattern.
Pamela2728 has made huge progress on another vest for her Master Knitters Program.
Hrvdmnky finished another Hitchhiker.  We are joining the headless hunt this week as she hunts for some glass heads at Pier 1 Imports for both of us to use blocking our hats.
GwenS is knitting a doubleknit hat in seahawks colors.
We had a new Eastside Stitcher joining us at the pushed together square tables at Crossroads.  Chibirat was casting on a brand new project.
JitteryKnitter is also knitting the Lluna Shawlette.
Puzan is working on a scarf?  Is it another Georgetown by Laura Aylor

Anuwizard and ReadnitDream were our last 2 stitchers to show up.  Anuwizard is knitting a bright orange and yellow scarf, and I forgot to get a photo of Readnitdream's project.

shaping the planet with yarn.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday Night with Eastside Stitchers

no wind at all on Sunday morning

It's great to be back on the  blog.  I missed the last week Wednesday meet up of the Eastside Stitchers because I felt like... well ... not well.  I didn't even blog that I wasn't going because I felt so crappy.  However, I felt much better the next morning, and didn't even miss work.  Then the weekend came, and it was crazy busy.  I went to the theater with a friend to see Crimes From the Heart.  We went out to dinner first at Fins Bistro. Then, Saturday, I knit knit knit, mostly on my Bigger on the Inside Shawl.
Sunday, was Yarn Church at Panera's in Redmond, and Monday, I had off from work, so Moogie and I did a "Treat Yo' self!" day with mani-pedi's and lunch at Dough Zone. 

A pretty great weekend over all.  But, there was one big problem.  My internet started acting really weird over the weekend.  For some reason, I could get onto only a few sites.  For instance, I could get onto Netflix, but not Ravelry.  I could watch things on YouTube, but not see my email on hotmail or log onto my blog.  It was infuriating, and I was having serious Ravelry withdrawals by yesterday.  Finally, last night, the internet went out completely!  EEEEK!  It was a nightmare. 

Doc had to call Comcast, and they came out and reset everything, and by the time I got home this afternoon, there was INTERNET again!  So, I can report on our regular Wednesday Eastside Stitchers meet up.
Pamela2708 is knitting a colorwork cowl, Ambiguous, by Michelle Hunter published in Knit Purl Hunter.
Puzan is knitting the Lluna Shawlette by VanesaPolo.
JitteryKnitter was also knitting the Lluna Shawlette (not shown), but had another project as well, because it had a "deadline."
DomesticShorthair was starting a new project, a Cabled Pillbox hat.  She also brought her vintage Bed Jacket.
BlueberryMary brought her heart scarf.
She is using fingering weight yarn instead of the worsted weight that the pattern calls for, and so, is knitting the pattern twice to make the scarf wide enough to be called a scarf.
Wajio is starting something new.  You will notice a few new projects tonight.
ReadnitDream was starting a pair of mittens.
GwenS was NOT starting something new, but has made huge progress on her Beyond the Pines shawl.
Speaking of huge progress, SpinningLizzy bound off her Tropfen scarf.
And, last, but not least, CrunchyNumbers has also made HUGE progress on her Nurmilintu shawlette.

We spent a lot of time talking about how much we love meeting at Crossroads.  No kidding.  It's such a great place to knit, even though they turn off the Market Place sign at 7:40 pm every night, and that dims the knitting light a bit. 

The month is ending this weekend, and so I am frantically trying to finish up as many projects as possible for the HPKCHC.  I will try to get some photos of these projects on the blog if possible, but honestly, I'm knitting and spinning like crazy when I am not at work.

shaping the planet with wool.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Quiet Night for Eastside Stitchers

It was a quiet night for the Eastside Stitchers.  Anuwizard brought a lanyard to twist.
ReadnitDread was creating her own Stephen West inspired shawl.

 GwenS brought a finished Aviatrix (above), and a new shawl, Beyond the Pines (below).

Pamela2708 has started a new vest for her Master Knitter project.
Hrvdmnky is knitting another hitchhikeresque shawlette with these cool loops on the border.
DomesticShorthair has made good progress on her vintage Bed Jacket.

I worked on the hexagon afghan that was a lapghan for Moogie until she told me she actually wants it to be big enough for a single bed... so it's an afghan, now.

Sorry this is so short, but we had a small group, and I am super tired for some reason.

shaping the planet with a tight group of fiber friends.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Knitting By Lantern

Not the best light, but better than nothing.

ugh! Our Power is Out

Hello: this is a quick post from my phone because the power is out in our neighborhood.  It is annoying to look out the windows across the lake and see all the houses lit up. Like they're taunting us. We have 2 fires going, one upstairs and one down, but it is sure to get cold if it doesn't come back on soon.

Peace, f1bercat

Shaping the planet in the dark

Saturday, January 9, 2016

St. Distaff's Day

Today was the annual St. Distaff's Day Spin in in Lake Stevens with the Northwest Regional Spinners Association.
We arrived at 10 am sharp to set up our spinning circle.
The market opened at 10:30 and I broke my yarn/fiber diet to buy three braids of fiber from Huckleberry Knits.  I absolutely love her colorways, and have knit many pairs of socks with her yarn.  Two of these braids are Polworth/Silk blends, and the other is Merino/Silk.  I have never knit with a silk blend before, so I am excited to try it.

By noon the place was full and, well, spinning.

BlueBerryMary joined us for her first time at St. Distaff's Day.  She was wearing her newly finished Barley.
I also won one of the door prizes, a skein of naturally brown alpaca yarn.  It is super squishy!
I managed to get quite a bit of spinning done, in spite of all the visiting with friends.  Some of the people I saw were Wajio and BlueWolfWalking (we carpooled), ReadnitDream and Anuwizard, JessicaRose, WireKnitter, and Jenniluigi.

shaping the planet with new braids of gorgeous fiber!
The Market packing up at the end of the day