Sunday, August 2, 2015

can you read it?

Not sure who, but someone had a sky writer write Happy 60th above my parents' house.

Happy 60th Anniversary to My Parents

 a quick post from Southern California where I am helping my parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.  The above photo is my parents, my 3 sisters, my brother, and me.
The next one is of all of us with our spouses, and significant  others. And the last one of the 5 Losi "kids."  My parents are a great source of inspiration  and love.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stitch 'n' Pitch and Wed Night Knitting


Last night was the annual Stitch 'n' Pitch at the Mariner's game.  The Eastside Stitchers were well represented with about 18 seats in the stadium.
 Yes, some of our seats were filled with non-knitting spouses or children (I brought Himes),
But, we still had a pretty large group.
The people from Noro Yarn were the featured guests, and there were all kinds of booths selling yarn, etc.  There seemed to be a pretty big section of people knitting, definitely more than the last few years.  The Mariner's played pretty badly (this has not been a good year for our team), but the weather was warm, and it was a good night for baseball.

Tonight was our regular Eastside Stitchers Meet up at Crossroads in Bellevue.  It was a pretty small group.  Maybe people were a bit "knit in public" weary after knitting at the ball game yesterday.  It's interesting though, when Eastside Stitchers first started meeting at Crossroads 4 years ago, (or started back up since there had been a group before), a group the size of tonight's group would have been a big group!  Anyway, who was there, and what were they knitting?
WireKnitter is knitting a beautiful shawl in this amazing gradient yarn.
BlueBerryMary has started (and has finished the cuffs of) a pair of fingerless mitts.
Dreamweaver19 is making good progress on her crazy baby blanket.
Wajio has started a second Rib-A-Roni hat by Jane Tanner.
and GwenS is just about on the last color of her self-striping yarn shawl.

That's it.  Small but excellent group.

shaping the planet at a baseball game.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fiber Friday

Friday morning I got a text from GwenS, "I'll be at knitting today..."  Wha??? I had totally forgotten Fiber Friday!  I had taken my usual morning walk, but was just settling in to knit at home, so of course I gathered my knitting things and headed out to Crossroads to knit.

We had a nice size group at the round table under the skylight (the light is great in the day time there).  And since I didn't post right after I got home (though I did go tutor immediately after), I have forgotten 2 of the projects!  I'm hoping someone (GwenS) will pm or text me so I can update this post with all the names.
GwenS was knitting this amazing shawl.  The yarn is Caterpillargreen Yarn's MCN Fingering Self-striping.  Yes, this yarn is self-striping shawl yarn.

Constance was starting a lace shawl.
WinterPromise31 was knitting a cabled bag.
CathieC was working on this beautiful hat.  Interesting construction with the woven border knit flat, then joined in the round.
Dreamweaver19 is making good progress on her baby blanket.  This is all from one skein of crazy yarn that she bought on the South Sound Yarn Crawl.

So I know BlueBerryMary was there, and I can't remember if she was starting a new project:
But I'm pretty sure this was hers.

I also have this photo of the 3 color cowl that CathieC has almost finished. It is not social knitting, as she is on the lace section, so she just brought it for Show and Tell.
Ok, enough of my bad memory.  It would be ok if we knew that I had learned my lesson and would make a better habit of immediately posting these "Who was Knitting" posts, but we all know that I won't and will continue to wait a few days, then have to wonder, who the heck was knitting this beautiful project?

shaping the planet without a brain.

Home Again!

Of course, I have been home since last Wednesday night, but not posting as I've been getting back into the swing of things, knitting, walking, knitting, tutoring, hanging out with friends and knitting.  I just wanted to post some photos of my first walk back in Bellevue.
View from the top of my hill.  Our hot weather broke and we finally had some summer rain.  The last few days have been cool and wonderful.
Wild blackberries at the bottom of my street, just as I head up from West Lake Sammamish Blvd.
It's good to be home.

shaping the planet from the Pacific Northwest.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I just saw

That the high temperature in Bellevue is supposed to be 74 . Although I am sad to leave Moogie, this makes me happy.

Last Dinner in NYC

I can't believe (though you all probably can) that I forgot to take photos of my last Dinner in NYC.  Anyway,  Moogie and I went out for Japanese food to Nobu Next Door. It was a part of  New York Restaurant Week,  so since we had reservations, we ordered off a special lower priced tasting menu. We had 1 appetizer each 1 main course eaxh, and 1 dessert each. We had sashimi salad and really amazing shrimp tempura for the appetizers.  For the mains, we had a sushi sampler and sliced wagyu beef. The desserts we're a lychee pan Cotta, and an amazing chocolate rice "cake.* It was a perfect ending to the day.