Thursday, April 23, 2015

Don't Judge Me


I can always tell when I have been bad about posting on my blog because I have all these days of photos of my gorgeous view still in the camera... and not on the blog.

We have been having the most wonderful weather in the Pacific Northwest.  The days are warming up (we hit a high record this week!)  And while it has often rained, it has been pretty sunny.  Add that the days are getting longer and longer, and, well, it is just a beautiful Spring.

I made it to knitting at Crossroads with the Eastside Stitchers last Wednesday, but was so tired when I got home, that I just couldn't post.  I made it to knitting at Crossroads with the Eastside Stitchers THIS Wednesday, but forgot my camera.

So, I am going to try to post the photos from last week.  But, I have no/little idea who was knitting what.

I am hoping that my buddies will pm me on Ravelry, and I will edit this post with the proper names and projects.

How does that sound?  Blogging by committee.
Someone was starting something... Don't know what... Don't know who.  It looks like it is gray.  (how's that for reporting?)  Wait, I think this is NightOrchid.   What was she starting?

I'm pretty sure this square is from Puzan.  We are putting squares together for a special project.  More about that in a later post (probably in June).
BlueBerryMary was deconstructing a sweater from a thrift shop.
 Addie was celebrating the weather with Pig Tails!
This project has got to be JitteryKnitter's Loop.  If I remember correctly, she was binding off?
O dear, I totally don't remember.  This looks like a shawl?  Could this be ReadnitDream?

Pretty sure this is Wajio working on a Knitted Knocker.
This is BlueBerryMary's vest she is knitting for her darling husband from reclaimed yarn.  She brought the finished vest this Wednesday, and it is lovely.
I believe GwenS was starting something beautiful for Addie.
I think this is Colleen.  If I am right, it is most likely a baby blanket for charity.

Here is a photo of my Seahawks Vortex Afghan.  (all but the border)
It's a bit bigger than 5' x 4'.  I'm donating it to BAEOP, my professional organization who is going to raffle it off to raise money for their scholarship fund.  Let me know if you want to buy a ticket.

This Saturday is the Wild 'n' Wooly Festival at Kelsy Creek Farm in Bellevue.  I will be there with Wajio (and possibly BlueWolfWalking).  We will be doing spinning demonstrations all day long.  If any of my local readers show up, I would love to say hello!

shaping the planet with knitting friends.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Eastside Stitchers Sit in the Middle

If you can wear pig tales... well, then, you should wear them!

The big round tables were occupied when JitteryKnitter nnd Puzan arrived at Crossroads tonight, so they grabbed some tables in the center and discovered that the light was way better there.  When I arrived, one of the big round tables opened up, but we decided to stay at the square tables, which were a  squished together in a long rectangle.

We started off with 2 babies.  Today was just lovely, and I believe a park was involved.  VanesaPolo and the lovely Emma came to knit with us after enjoying the park.  VanesaPolo cast on the 3 stitches for the icord "nipple" on a Knitted Knocker, but didn't get much farther.
Puzan brought a variety of gorgeous shawls to work on.  I think the first one was called Sweet Summer Shawl.
The yarn is Madelinetosh Twist Light, and is jut beautiful.  When Puzan was finished working on that shawl, she knit a few teeth on her Hitchhiker.
Puzan is using Crazy Zauberball, and the long stripes are working beautifully with this pattern.

WireKnitter has been on a blocking binge.  She brought 3 beautiful FO's to share.  And was beginning a new lace shawl.
ReadnitDream was knitting one half of a Bias Before and After Scarf.

After a bit, she too, brought a finished shawl to Show and Tell, Edison, by Lynn Di Cristina.
JitteryKnitter was knitting a colorwork hat.
By the end of the evening, it was off the needles, and on the head!

GwenS is almost finished with her second 3 Color Cashmere Cowl.
Colleen showed up in time to knit with us before the night was over.
She brought a cowl in sock yarn.

After a few days of working on the taxes (not finished yet!), it was wonderful to just hang out and knit with friends.

shaping the planet with pointy sticks.

Monday, April 6, 2015


I didn't make it to Knitting with the Eastside Stitchers on last Wednesday night.  I was going to miss because I was going to the Seattle Knitters Guild Meeting with Puzan and JitteryKnitter, but I had the most horrible stress headache. So I didn't go to that either.

You see, I had to take this big test on Saturday.  Yes, the Saturday before Easter, I had a big test.  I am trying to get my Washington State Teachers Certification to teach grade 6 - 12 Math.  I have a lifetime Texas secondary Math certification, but NO, that's not good enough for Washington State.  So I had to take a test that covered algebra, algebra II (including logs and matrices), trig, geometry (including proofs), statistics, probability, combinations/permutations, set theory, logic, and history of math.

I took a practice test online the weekend before, and well, didn't finish it in time.  The test is 4 hours long.  At 4 hours, I wasn't even half way finished.

It's not that I don't know this stuff.  It's just that I haven't done most of it in about 30 years. And, I'm slow.

So, I studied all Wednesday night, and Thursday night, and Friday night.  I studied during every break at work, and every bit of down time.  I had trouble sleeping at night because my brain kept doing math.

I haven't knit a stitch since I finished my last projects for HPKCHC, ha ha ha and the last few turn ins were crochet squares.

I spun a bit on Friday, and Doc said, "shouldn't you be studying?"

Anyway, I took the text Saturday morning at 10 am.  I wore my "Pi Day of the Century" t-shirt for good luck.  Before the test, I went to the restroom and stood in a power position, and said out loud, "I can do this! I am good at math!"  I did push-ups and ran in place to get my blood moving.  Then I went into the testing center.... and didn't finish the test in time.  I had about 15 questions to go.  Really, I had about 20- 25 questions left (out of 150), when I noticed I had about 5 minutes left and I just started skimming problems and choosing answers.  I was devastated when I drove home.

But, I got the results by email that afternoon, and I PASSED!!!!!

Ok, now I'm doing taxes.  But, once that's finished, it's back to spinning.  I need to get my April skein on the spools.

shaping the planet with mad math skills
look! snow in the Cascades again.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015



I've been in a crazy crunch trying to get every project I've been working on finished by midnight tonight so I could earn points for Gryffindor for March.  Most of my stuff has horrible photos because of that.  Well, the crunch is part of the reason for the bad photos, but also, I've been going to the gym after work every day (woot! 7 days in a row!), and by the time I get home, the good light is gone.  Soon, that won't matter as the sun sets pretty late here in the summer.  But for now, I'm taking horrible photos of everything with flash.

Anyway,  I just love the craziness of the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup game.  This month alone:

I finished my double knit There and Back Again Story Scarf
12 squares for my Seahawls Vortex Afghan for the BAEOP Raffle:
Don't ask why I made 12.  I was supposed to make 10, but somehow I lost count and made 2 extra.

I knit 2 pair of socks:

I finished 3 Knockers for Knitted Knockers:
I hooked a rather ugly hat for Quidditch (then promptly frogged it.)
And I spun my 3rd skein of yarn for the year, 220 yds.
Over April, the "break" month, I will hook that afghan together and give it a border and plan plan plan what I want to make in the HPKCHC Spring Term!

shaping the planet with lots of FO's

Monday, March 30, 2015

Back Again

I have finished my There and Back Again Story Scarf by Frivolite Handcrafts. I thought you might like to see some close ups of the last few motifs.
This shows the Lonely Mountain and the last light of Durin's Day (which shone on the door and showed the opening.)  Also, you can see the bird.

Below the door is the Arkenstone.
The last bit is the Arrow to Smaug's Heart, and the treasure.
Here is the dragon and treasure on the reverse side:
And, here is the entire scarf:
A bit closer:
shaping the planet double

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fanny Pack


Fanny Pack 1
About 15 years ago, I got a fanny pack.  I was finally getting out of the diaper bag stage, and had realized that if I had a big purse, I filled it up.  If my purse was small I filled that, and no more.  I whittled down what I needed to carry to fit a small fanny pack, and was totally happy.

That was when fanny packs were pretty new, and, well, acceptable.

Eventually the buckle broke, and I had to get rid of it.  My daughters each bought me purses which I used until they broke.  Then, last summer when I was getting ready to go to Europe, I bought a new fanny pack. 

I wanted something small to carry my passport and credit card while I was riding the bike.  I loved it.  Since I have been back, I have used my fanny pack exclusively instead of a bigger purse.

My kids were not happy with this, but then, they are used to me not being cool.  At school, I carry extra pencils for my students in my pack.  I also carry a small pencil sharpener.  It is very handy.  Last week one of my girl students asked if I wear the pack when I go out.  When I said, "yes," she looked appalled, just like one of my kids.


Most of the Math Department at my school is doing a 3 week, "cleanse."  For the first week we can only eat vegetables, fruit, and nuts.  No caffeine, etc.  Only olive oil.  I have been eating this way since Monday, and am doing really well.  I made 2 pitchers of vegetable juice (5 cucumbers, a whole head of celery, 2 apples and 1 lemon) and bring 3 bottles each day to sip.  I have small salads with lemon for the dressing, and have been eating raw almonds and pecans.  Usually my breakfast is just fruit, like mixed berries.  Yum.

Cutting out caffeine was pretty hard as I had gotten very bad lately about drinking coffee, tea, and dokes (diet coke).  I stopped drinking those on the retreat because I was afraid that I would be horribly cranky at work, and didn't want to do that to the students.  I am still waking up with a headache every morning.  I don't think it is still the caffeine, though.  It might be that I'm not drinking enough fluids though I have my juice, and water once I get home.

On Monday, I will add fish and organic soy. 

Fanny Pack 2
So my back and legs have been aching a bit this week.  I was trying to decide if the cleanse was affecting my muscles somehow.  Like maybe the lack of protein was making them weak. Or maybe it was all the spinning I was doing. Finally, on Wednesday I realized it was my fanny pack.

I wear my pack in front, so it is more of a belly pack than a fanny pack.  And since I have been doing so much tutoring, I've had cash in the pack, not just a few cards.  I've been paying for stuff with the cash, and there is always change.  A lot of change.  This change was collecting in my pack.  The weight was pulling on the pack, and making my lower back ache.  Honestly. 

On Wednesday night, I tried an experiment.  I emptied all the change out of my pack, and have gone to work these last 2 days with a lighter pack.

No back ache.

shaping the planet in the fog.