Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our cat, Beena, has to be put to sleep today. #catsandknitting #kittenforever #slowknitter #bestcatever

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's a #vanesapoloknits weekend for me. First I bought some speckled yarn for a test knit of her new Speckled Shawl, then today, at #acornstreetyarns I got yarn for her Wacky Wings Shawl #slowknitter #moreyarnplease #pnwlyscrawl

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Home Again


I'm home again in more ways than just the obvious.  I want to say thank you to everyone for your nice notes, pm's and thoughts as my brother gets closer to the end.  I heard from his wife this morning that he is actually doing a bit better today, so maybe having his sisters come visit did him some good.  My dad is actually a bit worse off than we thought, and may need quite a bit of work to get back to normal.  Honestly, I don't know how I would survive all this stress without my knitting and my knitting friends.

The North Puget Sound LYS Yarn Crawl started tonight.  I just don't know if I will make it to very many shops this year.  Remember when I was able to do the WHOLE CRAWL?  Wow, those days are gone.  It's not that the stores aren't as exciting, but work really gets in the way. Anyway, Hrvdmnky and VanesaPolo managed to hit a few shops and got quite a haul.
JitteryKnitter is working on VanesaPolo's newest design.

ReadnitDream has made great progress on her mystery shawl.
WireKnitter is knitting a beautiful slipped stitch shawl.
Hrvdmnky's unmentionable (it's a shawl) now looks more like a triangular section of a shawl.
CathieC has started a keyhole scarf.
VanesaPolo has started a cabled hat.
Pamela2708 is knitting a beautiful shawl.
And Puzan is making the 3 colored cashmere cowl.
We missed GwenS, but totally understand why she was absent.  We welcome her newborn daughter, Ceecee as another junior member of the Eastside Stitchers!

shaping the planet in a stress free place.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

things are complicated.

First, my brother is still alive. Its so hard to tell. He has good days, then a bad day. Im still down here because he asked me to stay. Ill come home tonight, knowing i may have to fly back at a moment's notice.

The other thing is that my dad is also sick, and now in the hospital. He had the "flu," or what he called the flu with chills and body aches. Then, suddenly, his shoulder is killing him and he cant raise his right arm without gasping in pain. He says its "arthritis" that suddenly attacked him. Honestly. He is in such pain, that we finally get him to agree to go to the doctor who wisely sends him straight to the e.r. well, it seems he has had burning pee for 3 f-ing weeks, but never said anything, because he thought it would go away on its own. What is wrong with men?! so he is being treated for a urinary tract infection

Anyway, that should be relatively easy to fix.


O , i love my partner teacher, Aaron, who is copying my lesson plans and worksheets, and my aide, who will help the sub for my classes, and my knitting friends, who are sending such positive thoughts.

And welcome, finally, to Cee Cee. Its about time! You are much anticipated, and loved.
Peace ,

Sunday, May 15, 2016


 hello: happy scenes of Orange and my nephew headed to prom.

 and the gardenias in my parents' front yard.
 old orange,

Friday, May 13, 2016

My Brother

I keep starting this post over and over trying to say this different ways, but I'll just write it.  My brother is close to dying.  He has asked that his sisters come.  I am leaving early tomorrow morning and plan on staying through Monday.  I don't know if I will be there when he dies.  I don't think I need to be there, but we shall see.  I have spent many many weeks with him over the last 6 years since he was diagnosed with ALS, and I am happy that our relationship is so strong and positive.  I think he wants to say goodbye while he is still aware, as that is starting to become a problem since he can no longer breathe without a ventilator, and this means that he is not always getting the oxygen he needs.  He likes to take the mask off so he can talk.  This has been one of the wonders of his illness.  Most ALS patients lose their ability to talk early.  My brother's disease progressed in a really atypical way, leaving him chatting with his friends right up until the end.  He has been able to be an integral part of a wide circle of friends and family. 

Think of him and his family.  Pray for a happy death.  He deserves one.