Sunday, July 31, 2016

Playing yarn chicken with my Wacky Wings Shawl by @vanesapoloknits . Less than 9 in. Left. #slowknitter

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Home again #slowknitter

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beating the "Heat"

So while the rest of the nation swelters under record heat, we "melt" under our summer of about 80 F (26 C).  As I tried to explain to my Father in Law, who is visiting this week, we don't have air conditioning here, so when it gets above 80 F, it starts getting tough to sleep.  However, there IS air conditioning at Crossroads, so it was a pleasant evening with the Eastside Stitchers. 

The photo above is Domesticshorthair's newest cool lace scarf.

Dreamweaver19 is knitting the plain white scarf above, but also wanted to show something more interesting that she brought, the scarf below.  Because, who only has one project otn?  NO ONE!
Jitteryknitter is working with some beautiful handspun yarn, specially spun for her by Truespark. 
Blueberrymary also brought a few WIP's:  This beautiful Flax sweater for her husband.
And, look!  Blueberrymary is successfuly knitting entrelac!
And finally, she brought this beautiful cowl.  The yarn is this wonderful thick and thin art yarn.
GwenS was working on many things.  She worked on getting Addie fed,
She worked on getting Ceecee fed.  Notice the "sheep pajamas!"
And also, GwenS worked on another Aviatrix.  I think she knit all of 2 rows tonight!

Anuwizard is knitting a snowman.  Here is the head:
She also brought her drop spindle.
Puzan has started another pair of socks.
ReadnitDream is making a Keyhole Scarf.
NightOrchid is still working on her hat from reclaimed yarn.  I like this photo because you can see all of the strands that she is holding together.

Puzan told me that I never include photos of my own knitting, so I thought I would show you what I worked on at Crossroads tonight.  This is my Wacky Wings Shawlette by VanesaPolo.  The pattern was featured at Acorn Street Yarn Shop during the LYS Tour this Spring.  I just love what great social knitting it is.  The yarn is Crazy Zauberball and I just love the colors of the stripes.

I have finished a Gramps Cardigan in Black Trillium yarn in the Oyster colorway.  I just need buttons.  I got some at JoAnn's Fabric tonight, but they aren't the right color.  Ugh.  I'll have to try again tomorrow.

I've also been spinning and finished these two skeins (a bit over 100 yds each) of worsted weight 2-ply.  I'm hoping to dye them if possible.
Whew, that's all for tonight.
shaping the planet while sweating in my livingroom...

little bit of Wed.

Ok, this is LAST Wednesday's photos from Crossroads.  I got there early, took all the photos, then went off with the Board of the Eastside Knitters Guild for our regular quarterly board meeting.  By the time we finished, all most all the Eastside Stitchers had left for the night!  Then I went home, and promptly forgot to post these photos.  Do I remember who was knitting what?  Probably not, but I will give it a shot.
The beautiful lace above is Xooberknitter's.

ReadnitDream is using scraps to knit a linen-stitch scarf.
Hvrdmnky is cranking away on a baby sweater.
Wajio was starting ... charity socks?
NightOrchid is knitting a hat from reclaimed yarn, and I think the yarn is so fine that she is holding together about 10 singles!
CathieC has almost finished her beautiful shawl.
Addie was babysitting.
While Gwen finished another Aviatrix,
and Ceecee looked on.

Anya was knitting from her own handspun/handdyed yarn.
I'm pretty sure the above lace and striped shawl is by TriGirlJ.
Pamela2708 has finished her shawl.
VanesaPolo was working on a new shawl.
Puzan has finished a sock ans was working on the mate.  I want to say that she has finished that mate, and started another pair!

Ok, Off to Crossroads to take more photos!
I promise to post before I go to bed tonight... I promise.

shaping the planet with too much to do!

Joining the #instantpot club. Can't wait to try it! #slowknitter #slowcooker haha see what I did there?

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