Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday Knitting


Did you see the blood moon during the lunar eclipse?  This is what the moon looked like as it rose above the horizon at about 7:30 Pacific Daylight Time.  The moon was already fully eclipsed, and looked very orangey/red.  I kept running outside about every 10 minutes to watch the moon reveal itself. 

There was no eclipse tonight, just a great group of knitters at Crossroads.

Someone ws starting something new, I think it was Wajio.
Wireknitter brought a pair of finished fingerless mitts,
and her beautiful gradient shawl for Show and tell.
Tara1682 brought her lace shawl.
KelleyR has almost finished the body of her tweed sweater.
BlueBerryMary brought one finished hat, and finished the 2nd during our meet up. These are for Stitch N Knit outreach 2015 for Fire Survivors of Washington.

GwenS continues to make good progress on her OWL sweater.
DomesticShorthair has made good progress on her top.
Chockelet brought her shawl from the LYS tour.
ReadKnitDream is beginning something beautiful.
shaping the planet with lots of knitting friends.

Say, Cheese!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

ESSFall2015: Sunday


This is the post about the last day of our Eastside Stitchers Fall 2015 Knitting Retreat. 

Again we got up early to make the most of our weekend of knitting.  We were able to finish many projects.

We started many more and will bring them home as WIP's.
If you want to check out the projects that were started, worked on, or finished during the retreat, look for our tag, ESSFALL2015, on Ravelry.

A special thank you to Redbird1 who was unable to make it from the East Coast Chapter of the Eastside Stitchers.  She sent the most delicious chocolates.  You were with us in spirit!

And a special hurrah to JulieMustKnit who flew all the way from the South East Coast Chapter of the Eastside Stitchers (North Carolina) to be a part of the Retreat.  We are sooo happy that you could make it.

What did we do after we left Lake Cle Elum?  We went shopping for yarn, of course,
 at Tolt Yarn and Wool, which is our Eastside Destination Yarn Shop.

shaping the planet from a knitting retreat.

ESSFall2015: Saturday


Good Morning Knitters!

We started the day quite early, some of us were up by 5:30, others took advantage of the weekend away from family to sleep in a bit, but once we were awake, we were knitting.

We knit.

Knit,                                                      Knit,                                         Knit.

After lunch, JitteryKnitter and I took a walk to find Lake Cle Elem.

The lake has receded so much because of the lack of snowfall last winter, that it was almost hard to find!
When we got back to the cabin, people were still knitting,
and knitting (sometimes spinning),
and knitting,

Did I mention that we spent the day knitting?
shaping the planet on a knitting retreat

ESSFall2015: Friday


This weekend was the first annual Eastside Stitchers Fall Knitting Retreat.  We headed out Friday after work east on the 90 fwy to Lake Cle Elem.

I carpooled with JitteryKnitter (who was our fearless driver), Puzan (the navigator), and truespark.  It was a bit foggy, and we had some traffic just as we were leaving the west side of the Cascade Mountains, but the drive was pretty easy and before we knew it we were getting off the freeway and driving through the picturesque towns of Roslyn and Ronald.
The house we rented was huge and just about perfect for our needs.  It had lots of beds (no bunk beds!), lots of bathrooms with showers, a big kitchen, and most important of all a big living room.

 This was the bedroom that I shared with VanesaPolo:
We planned to pot luck our dinners, and then bring our own breakfasts and lunches with food to share for snacks.

In reality, we had Group Food, pretty much for every meal.  We left all of the snacks that were for sharing on the big center work table in the kitchen.  There was way too much food!  and so yummy.  And this photo is just the stuff from the Friday people.  We had 4 more people arrive Saturday morning, with more food!

We somehow found time between eating snacks and meals to knit.  Those photos in the Saturday post.

shaping the planet from the knitting retreat.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday before Our Retreat


We had toddlers at Crossroads tonight at the beginning of our regular Wednesday meet up.  Say, "Cheese for Tutu!"

So, who couldn't wait until the weekend to get together to knit?
Wajio was fluffing up her Yellowstone River scarf.
GwenS was knitting her first sweater knit for herself.
BlueBerryMary was wearing a beaded cowl and knitting a cowl from a blend of two different yarns she reclaimed from thrift shop sweaters.
Hrvdmnky is knitting socks! after a long hiatus from that type of project.

Chockelet is knitting a shawl from a pattern she got on the 2015 LYS Crawl at Serial Knitters.
JitteryKnitter is on the front sections of the vest she is knitting for the Acorn Street Yarn Shop's Fall Fashion Show.
Wireknitter brought her latest test knit.  It is a beautiful shawl knit in garter stitch and using a set of gradient yars.
Anya brought her latest spindle spun yarn.
Her mom, ReadnitDream. is knitting a hat.
Anya brought me her new knitting project and another bobbin that she has spun.

shaping the planet with kid spinners.