Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 Advent Calendar Scarf, Day 10


It's 1:30 am and I am just finishing the Day 10 pattern for the 2013 Advent Calendar Scarf by Kristin Benecken.  I thought I would be finished with today's pattern, (I guess really yesterday's) before dinner, but as I was finishing the last repeat (8 rows of pattern repeated 3 times), I noticed I was off.  When I tried to tink, I dropped a stitch, and had to tink all the way to the end of the first repeat.  UGH!  Then as I was finishing the 2nd repeat again, the same thing happened.  Back and forth I knit.  Well, I am finally finished.

It is not that this pattern is super complicated.  The only difficult stitches are the P3Tog and P3TogTbl (purl 3 together and purl 3 together through the back loop).  But, when you tink those stitches, it is easy to drop a stitch.  Also, the lace is knitted on both sides of the scarf.  There is no knitting a pattern, then simply purling back.  Concentration is required both ways.

So here is the horrible photo of today's pattern.

Tomorrow is the Eastside Stitchers' Holiday Party.  I hope I finish the Day 11 pattern before I have to leave for Crossroads.

shaping the planet with merino and silk.

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