Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Advent Calendar Scarf, Day 23


Crazy weather we are having!  Huge hail, and a lot of it.

But, like the postman, neither hail nor snow nor dead of night... or what ever the quote is... I am ready to start the last pattern for my 2013 Advent Calendar Scarf by Kristin Benecken. 

The pattern for Day 23 was again an easy pattern.  The only slightly difficult stitches were Knit 3 tog and Knit 3 tog through the back loop.

Unless the final pattern is crazy, this will have been a relatively easy knit.  I know that some days were troublesome for me, but that was my problem, not the pattern.

I don't have much to say about today's pattern.  It makes a very cool squiggle.  I like it a lot.  And I am ready to get started on the last pattern.

I hope to finish the scarf and get it blocked before I go to bed tonight.  Not sure if that is possible, but I might have the kids pick up Thai or Pizza for dinner, and give myself a  bit of extra knitting time.

Then, I will cast on a pair of socks.

shaping the planet with an almost finished scarf.

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