Thursday, January 31, 2013

Too Sick To Swap


It's time for bed, but I haven't posted in a bit so I thought I would try a quick one.

I did not get to attend Eastside Stitchers' first Yarn Swap yesterday because I felt HORRIBLE.  I kept thinking... "Maybe I could go but sit at a different table, so I won't infect anyone..."  But, in the end, I decided to stay home.  From what I heard, it was a great success, and we will be doing another one in a few months.

I haven't posted, because I was knitting and crocheting like crazy, but on longer term projects, so it was looking like I wasn't making much progress. 

I finished 2 pair of socks this month, the first are Pamina by Caoua Coffee in Miss Babs Yummy Sock Yarn in Squash Blossom. 

The 2nd pair are my very own design, Unseamly.  The yarn is Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Bayside.  The color in these photos is not the best, as I finished them (all but the weaving in which I will do tomorrow so I can submit them for WIP the First in HPKCHC) at about 5:00 pm and the light had gone.

This photo shows the "seam" in the back:
I must say they fit me perfectly!

I have also been crocheting like a fiend on my Transfiguration afghan, but have no new photos.

Tonight I cast on 1 new pair of socks for SKA's Under Appreciated Pattern Challenge.  The pattern has to have less than 15 projects.  My knit buddy, Skeinherder, and I decided to do a pattern written by another person in our Eastside Stitchers Group, Hvrdmnky!  The pattern is Improvised Crossings.  I am officially the 4th, and Skeinherder the 5th, people to cast on this pattern.  We posted right at 9 pm so we could be sure no one took our pattern.  In this Challenge, if you snooze, you loose.
Here is my CO photo:

The yarn is Lisa Souza Dyeworks' Sock Yarn in Mombasa.  I won this yarn last year in SKA.  I won't be able to turn these in for SolidSocks, but they will be part of my HPKCHC BROOM.

Ok, enough.  I really need to get to bed.  Tomorrow is February 1st, and a new set of classes for HPKCHC.  I will be super busy trying to get my homework finished.  Also, tomorrow is my daughter, Moogie's 21st birthday.


shaping the planet with new socks.

Monday, January 28, 2013



I have finished my January socks.  I was able to triple-dip these socks in 3 different groups that give prizes.  Because, it's all about the prizes.  Some people are process knitters.  Some people are product knitters.  I am a prize knitter.  If there is a prize involved, or even just the chance for a prize, I'm in.

The January challenge for Sock Knitters Anonymous  included the designer Caoua Coffee.  I really love her designs, but was intimidated last year by the shear number of cables.  I have learned so much about knitting from this group.  The monthly challenges have encouraged me to just go for it.  I would not say these cables were easy. But, they actually weren't that tough either.

The January challenge for Solid Socks is Yellow.  Perfect for using up my Miss Babs Yummy in Squash Blosson.  I am so glad that I had a light colored yarn for this pattern.  It really helps to show off the cabling.

The final part of the triple dip is Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup.  I was able to turn these in to Divination.  The prompt talked about herbs that can help in concentration.  The first example given was the Cat's Paw.  We could craft something inspired by the bark (used for tea), the yellow leaves, or some other aspect of the plant.  Of course, I chose the yellow flowers. 

Also, I was able to tie in the climbing nature of the vines to the twisting and twining cables in the socks.

I really love how the pattern becomes part of the heel pattern.
In the end, Beena was happy to help me photograph them.
I am still working on my socks for December.  These are made from my own pattern, and I am really liking them.

When I finish them, I will be sure to post photos.

Until then, goodnight.

shaping the planet with new socks.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bellevue Youth Theatre

My son, Pookie, has an internship with the Bellevue Youth Theatre this year through his school's gifted program.  Since September, Pookie has been doing "eight" hours of work (often 10 - 15) a week in the evenings with this wonderful Parks and Rec program. 

One of the missions of the BYT is that "everyone gets a part."   They did a production of "Annie" last fall where there were about 40 orphans.  I am not kidding.  And those little girls (and one boy) were not just in the orphanage scenes.  They managed to work them into every NYC scene, also, so they had a fair amount of stage time, and were in more songs.  They split up roles and dialogue so more people get to speak.  It's amazing to watch.  They have kids in wheelchairs who are dancing in large production numbers, and having a great time being part of the troupe.  I can't describe how much fun it is to watch one of these shows.

Anyway, they are raising money for a new theater facility with a production of The Sound of Music.  This one show is a bit more limited in how many kids are involved in that there are only 10 main nuns, who are joined by another 5 - 10 junior nuns, or students.  There are sing alongs during the scene changes.  And, best of all, as part of his internship training, Pookie is the boyfriend Rolf AND the choreographer.

I went to see the production last night and had a blast.  The Doc and I are going tonight (poor Doc has been working nights so he couldn't go last night, too).  There are shows tonight at 7 pm and tomorrow (Sunday) a matinee at 1 pm.  Some wonderful performances.  Cute kids.  Great cause.

Hope to see you there.

shaping the planet with the Bellevue Youth Theatre

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Stitching

Look, a knot in one of my giant Caron One Pound Skeins.  That is a lot of yarn, though, so I guess an occasional knot isn't too bad.  But really, this has been a bad week for me and knots.

The Friday, Ladies of Leisure part of Eastside Stitchers met today to stitch and chat at Crossroads Mall.

I did not take notes at all, so I am going to have to wing this post.

Vanesapolo brought some sweaters for show and tell:

She knit these using the EZ percentage method.  Wonderful job.  She is now on her 2nd of the Mitered Mittens from the Knitters Almanac.
CodyJunk was finishing up her little devil.  How cute is this?
I love the Outee Belly Button.  When she finished, CodyJunk moved on to washcloths.  We all grabbed some $1 balls of cotton Sugar N Cream at Michaels last week, and CodyJunk was putting hers to good use.
Allifer was working on a Boyfriend Afghan. 
Colleen has made some good progress on her new baby blanket.
Skeinherder is hard at work on her Honeycomb Mesh Scarf.
Redbird1 is going to make her goal of having the body of her beautiful Jared Flood Eternity Cardigan completed by this weekend.  Go Go Go Go!  You can do it.

I was working on my Quidditch Fruitcake Frenzy Game 1 challenge.  The challenge is to make something that resembles fruitcake in that you either use variegated yarn, or multiple color changes.  I decided to make another square for my First Anniversary Afghan.  I am using the squares from the 2013 BAMCAL group for this afghan, but I plan to finish it by the end of June so I can gift it.  I will have to add more squares to make it at least 4 x 5, so I decided to make some of my favorites from last year's BAMCAL.  This square is the Eyelet Lace Square.  Since I needed to change color for the Quidditch challenge, I knew this square would look great with lots and lots of color changes.
This is me sewing in ends as-I-go (thank you HPKCHC for teaching me to do that EVERY TIME).

And here is my finished square:

shaping the planet with Friday stitching!


Butter Beer Cozy

The sun is starting to rise a bit earlier.  This photo was taken at about 8 am.  It is just so nice to see the sky again.

I finished up a quick crochet today.  For Charms Class, the prompt was to use a "Gripping Charm" to make something that helps grip objects.  You could make something you wear, like mittens, gloves, fingerless mitts, or something to cover the object, like a cozy or pot holder.

I decided to make another wine cozy, or a "butter beer cozy" since it is for HPKCHC.   I am trying to build up a stash of gifts.  It is nice to be able to just grab something that is already made, rather than try to make something quickly to a deadline.  I think giving a bottle of wine is a great idea when we are invited out.  Making a cozy for that wine makes the whole gift a bit more special.

I did this at Christmas time.  I made a wine cozy in the University of Notre Dame colors for our hosts at a Hospital Christmas Party.  The Host is a big ND fan, and of course, the Doc and I are, also.

I made this one just a bit bigger so it will fit over a champagne bottle.  I also added some patterned stitches for decoration.

I will toss it (minus the wine) into the gift bin, to be used at a later date.

shaping the world with pre-made gifts.
same view at 9:30 am.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eastside Stitchers Come In Out of the Cold

Hello,  Look! Skeinherder knit a cat gnome to watch over our stitching group along with her Husband and Wife gnomes.

Eastside Stitchers met at Crossroads Mall for our regular Wednesday Stitch Night.  Our group is so full and busy now.  We always need to push tables together.  I just love how much fun we have.

Ellyol was there but had to leave early... And I did not grab a photo of her latest project.  Sorry, Ellyol.

In addition to bringing her new Cat Gnome, Skeinherder brought her Honeycomb Mesh Scarf by Churchmouse Yarn and Teas. Her yarn is Firwood Farm Alpacas, Alpaca and Silk.

Tara1682 has made huge progress on her French Press Felted Slippers.  I mean huge progress on her HUGE slippers.
Anerenbe started a new hat, Mezwolam by Tina Hees.  This is a bit of a deja vu since she just finished one of these hats, but since she is using different yarn on this one, Malabrigo Aroyo, does it count as a completely new project?
We shall check in on Anerenbe at the end of the night and see her progress.

Vanesapolo was working on her mitered mittens by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  These are from the book, Knitters' Almanac.
Vanesapolo also brought some gorgeous Yark yarn to show and tell.
MsWiz was knitting an entrelac cowl.  She is taking an Craftzy course.  It is really pretty.  The cowl I mean.
Colleen was starting a new baby  blanket in lavender.  Ha.  I know, we are thinking we have seen this before.  But, Colleen makes these blankets for kids who were born addicted to drugs, and there are some strick specifics on how to make them.  You have to use very soft yarn that is in soft colors so as to not over stimulate the kids.  Her yarn and color choice are perfect.
Our shy new knitter, Angel, is finally allowing me to debut her current project.  She is working on a pair of fingerless mitts.
GwenS was knitting a Super Secret Cowl.  Enough said.  I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.

Wajio brought her mystery kal socks.  The designer is KnitPurlHunter, and the socks are called Crimple.
Amigirl was still working on her Sprucey Lucy socks in Hazelknits.

Redbird1 has almost finished the body of her Fiber BF Jared Flood's Eternity Cardigan.  She is still on track to have the sweater finished in time for Madrona next month.
Finally, for a bit more Show and Tell, Skeinherder brought her January socks for SKA's January Challenge
Redbird1 brought her newest yarn purchases.  Most of these are from Portland, Oregon.

Hrvdmnky came near the end.  She brought 2 bags full of her show and tell doilies.

Hrvdmnky also brought her current socks to knit .

That's all for tonight, except for a second check of Anerenbe's progress:

That's all for tonight.  Can't wait to get together on Friday morning.

shaping the planet in some normal rain today.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Raining in the Backyard

Look!  The fog is gone. 

We had some... rain?  wind?  not really sure, but the weather changed, and the freezing fog that has been sitting on my beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest has lifted at last.

I heard some rain, and saw ice hitting the grass in our backyard, and assumed we were having a combination of rain and hail.

My husband, the Doc, went outside for a few minutes to get some Dokes (diet Cokes) from the trunk of my car where we store it, (don't ask), and coming back in, said, "It's sunny in the front yard and raining in the back."

In the winter, the sun is often so low on the southern horizon that we often have sun while it is raining.  The sun shines through some opening way on the horizon while the clouds directly overhead drip on you.

I went out to see what was up, and yes, the front was sunny and dry.  I stepped out back to the wet, and getting wetter deck.
Then I realized what was happening.  The freezing fog had added a layer of ice to our tall trees.  We have 2 firs and a redwood in our yard. 

The new, warm air that was moving in was melting that ice.  That was the source of the "rain."

I have never been so happy to see rain.

shaping the planet NOT in a vampyre apocalyptic world.  Look!  normal clouds.