Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Advent Calendar Scarf, Day 21


All of our snow is gone, and we are dealing with rain and fog again.  Thank goodness.  I am still waiting for the UPS guy to bring my new beads.  I went ahead and did today's section with 3 beads that are ... close... to the Amethyst beads I have been using. 

Can you pick out the 2 different beads in this photo?

Of course, I know which ones are the different ones, but I don't think they are very obvious.  However, I'm not sure what a row of the different beads would look like.  It won't be the end of the world.  It is not easy to see them, even in this close up.

How about this close up?
I feel like singing the song from Sesame Street:  Two of these beads are just like the other, two of these beads are kind of the same. One of these beads is not like the others, now it's time to play our game!

The bead in the middle is the Amethyst.  The new beads are a bit taller, and slightly more purple.  Now that you have seen them close up and personal, can you find them in the group of five beads above?

Ok, Stop obsessing about the beads.  Anyway, one really nice thing came from not having enough beads.  All this whining and grousing gave me a really nice random act of kindness.  JitteryKnitter sent me a pm on Ravelry saying that she and Puzan will look through their beads to see if they have the ones I need.  I am still hoping that the UPS guy will deliver my new tube (it was supposed to get here THURSDAY!!), but I might be frantically pming Puzan and JitteryKnitter tonight, if they don't arrive.  Or, I will just use the slightly more purple ones.  Either way, our neighbors are having a Christmas and White Elephant Party tonight.  Also, Moogie is on the plane home, even as I type.  Tomorrow, all of the kids will be over for a tree decorating party.  I can't wait.

Day 21 Pattern

The pattern for today is a delicate eyelet pattern that uses a combination of single YO's and double YO's 00.  I love how Kristin stacked and then alternated the YO's.  They almost give a cabled look.  I didn't pin out the section, so it is not shown very well here, but I still think it is pretty.

There are three more patterns, and the madness of this KAL will be over.  I can't wait to wear my scarf.

shaping the planet with different colored beads.
the air was so still this morning, hardly a ripple on the lake

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