Monday, December 30, 2013

Crazy for Socks

I don't even have a photo of the lake from today.  It was so gray and foggy when I got up at 6.  Then, I was knitting pretty madly all day on my Racing Raindrops scarf. 

Here is the thing.  The new Winter Term for the HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup) begins on January 1, 2014.  It begins specifically for me at midnight because the game time is Pacific Time, and that is my time zone.  I can't start anything because if I want my projects to count for points for my House, which is Gryffindor again!!, I need to wait for the game to begin.  Normally this would drive me crazy.  However, this term, I am doing a NEWT project.  This is the biggest of the possible projects you can do in the game.  A NEWT is a project that should last about 4 months.  You have to have completed 4 OWLs to be eligible.  (An OWL is a project that should take 8 - 10 weeks of crafting.) 

So, NEWTs actually start before the term.  This works out great for me in December because I love doing THE SCARF (The Advent Calendar Scarf KAL...).  Since it is knit in December, I can't turn it in for points.  This term, however, it is a part of my NEWT, so all of that glorious lace knitting, hour after hour will  bring points to my house. 

Since THE SCARF is finished, I have been absolutely cranking on the other shawls/scarves that are part of the NEWT.  I have finished the Age of Brass and Steam, all but blocking (ABB) and weaving in.
Unblocked, it measures about 26 in from the center tip to the back end.

I also took a measurement from where the front of the scarf would touch my neck, then down to the tip.
That measured just about 1 foot.  I don't think I want it to be any deeper at the front triangle.  I might want the ends to be a bit longer though.  I need to try it on in front of a mirror, and decide.  I will have to be careful when I block it that it doesn't get any bigger in the front.

It knit up a lot faster than I thought it would.  I don't know why it took me so long to try making it.  I guess I was afraid of all that stockinette.  I think my purling has really improved.  While it is certainly not
perfect, it is much faster, and more even that it used to be. 

Since I have finished the knitting on the Age of Brass and Steam, I have been working on the other lace part of the NEWT, the Racing Raindrops scarf by Churchmouse.   Again, I am not sure why this took me so long to start.  I got the pattern, yarn and beads during the 2013 North Puget Sound LYS Tour at Churchmouse.  A few people in Eastside Stitchers have finished theirs, and I loved them. 

I have been doing nothing but knitting on that scarf, all day, and I mean ALL day, for the last few days.  I have about 1/4 left to go.  I am really glad that I am so far ahead on the NEWT.  First of all, once Christmas break ends, I will be back at work, and I will have way less time to dedicate.  Secondly, the Advent Calendar Scarf didn't use up as much yarn as I thought it would, so for the NEWT, I will have to add one more project to bring up the yarn amount.  The lace scarf part of the NEWT is for Transfiguration.  I am trying to transfigure a huge amount of yarn (1800 yds) into a finished object(s).  Since the scarf didn't use up as much as I thought, I need to use up more yarn to fulfill the requirements.  It's good I discovered this early, as I will have time to knit the last shawl, High Plains Drifter, and add one more thing.  I hope.  I am planning a lace cowl using up the last skein of the yarn I used in THE SCARF.  I got some good advice from a few members of Eastside Stitchers on sizing the cowl.  I might finish the Racing Raindrops tomorrow, so I will cast on the cowl.

This much knitting already shows how crazy I am.  But, I am about to get even crazier.  I am eagerly awaiting the Sock Madness competition that begins in March.  There is a Sock Thread in Gryffindor, and i have been looking at the challenges in SolidSocks (brown for January), and in SKA (Sock Knitters Anonymous).  I plan to knit a pair of socks in January, and another in February while I wait for that competition to begin.  Someone in Gryffindor gave a link to another Sock Competition that is beginning in January (I think).  This is a speed knitting game, as well, but all of the patterns will be based on computer games.  Wow, I am so IN! 

I debated whether or not I should tell Skeinherder about the new group, because I know she is crazy busy at work, and she is planning on doint the Ysolda knit along.  But, I decided that the group was just too good to not share, and if she (skeinherder) was too   busy, all she had to do was say no.  But she loved the idea, and now we are both members of The Bleeping Sockgame.  EEK!  there is a new pattern dropping tomorrow night. I haven't knit any socks since I finished my colorwork socks in November.  I ALWAYS have a pair of socks on the needles.  It will be great to get going again.

No photos of any of that yet.

shaping the planet with gamer socks.

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