Thursday, June 30, 2016

@kuow event Elephant in the Room with @pflegerluke #slowknitter

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Vacation Wed

Ugh!  I go back to work next Tuesday.  O, Hello:
Not really Ugh, but sort of.  I'm teaching a month of summer school, and I'm pretty excited about it for many reasons, but also, 2 weeks is not enough vacation between last year and summer school.  I'm really working on getting the whole course set up so all I have to do is teach and correct, and not plan plan plan during the month.

Anyway, last night was my 5th "knitting with friends" activity during this brief 2 week vacation. 

Wajio brought her mittens.  If you look over the last few posts, you can follow her progress.

ReadnitDream is working on a Color Affection for her Mission for the HPKCHC. Go Gryffindor!
Domesticshorthair is knitting Happy Street by Veera Valimaki.
I finished weaving in the ends of my Speckled Shawl, by VanesaPolo.  It was cool enough that I wore it home!
CrunchyNumbers is knitting a pair of Hermione's Every Day socks.
Anuwizard was swatching (!!) with the yarn she dyed at BlueMoon Fiber Arts Dye Day.
Sorry Puzan, blurry photo of Puzan's first toe-up socks.
GwenS came to knit, but mostly worked on expanding the cuteness of Ceecee's cheeks.
JitteryKnitter is ALMOST finished with the shawl she is knitting for a friend.  This photo does not adequately capture the elegance of this piece.
BlueBerryMary made it!  So heroic of her with her new bionic knee.  She was knitting a scarf,  with a bit of tinking, too I think.  I was so impressed at her walking progress and we are all wishing her a swift recovery.
Shaping the planet with my knitting friends.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Finished my Devine Honeycomb Cowl

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I knit this from the yarn beautifully dyed by Puzan at Blue Moon Fiber Arts Dye Day.  The stitch pattern is a mock honeycomb from Barbara Walker's Stitch Dictionary.  I like the way it breaks up and combines the two colors of blue.

The De-Vine yarn base is wonderfully squishy, and this will be lovely to wear.

Shaping the planet in blues.

Blocking Day #slowknitter for @vanesapoloknits Speckled Shawl design. I hope to wear it to knit night at Crossroads with the #eastsidestitchers

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Art + afghan = Art-ghan

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 The graduation afghan for my niece is almost 3/5 finished. One more square and I will have 3 of the 5 rows done.  Every square is unique, and almost all of them are my own design.

shaping the planet with art-ghans

Yarn Church


I am enjoying my first week (of two) off from teaching by knitting with my friends every possible chance I can.

I made it to Wednesday knitting at Crossroads, Friday morning knitting at Crossroads, and Yarn Church (Sunday morning Knitting at Panera's in Redmond).  Tomorrow night I will attend the June meeting of the Eastside Knitters Guild (also at Crossroads!) and then start back up with Wednesday knitting...

There is never enough knitting with friends.
Today, I brought my Speckled Shawl by VanesaPolo. I am "test knitting" it, but not really, as the pattern is like all of Vanesa's patterns: simple, well written, beautiful, and easy to knit.  I am on the last section, and hope to finish it so I can block it tomorrow.  You know that speckled yarn you bought, that you don't know how to use?  This is the perfect project.

Hrvdmnky had just finished another of Vanesa's designs, Wacky Wings.  This pattern was Acorn Street Yarn Shop's free shop pattern for the North Puget Sound Yarn Crawl this Spring.  I am going to make one next month!
VanesaPolo was making a bottom up shawl with a lace border.

KellieR is knitting Lilli Pilli Wrap.

Wajio has started the second mitten.

Puzan brought this beautiful Brooke's Column of Leaves Knitted Scarf to show and tell.  Ha ha ha Puzan, I thought this was knit by JitteryKnitter and that you had just blocked it for her, and I was looking on her project page for the name of the pattern. Of course, I didn't find it there so I realized that YOU had knit it.  Truly lovely.  I should have known.
JitteryKnitter is finishing this amazing shawl.  Sorry, I don't have the name, but it is really pretty.

Puzan was knitting her first pair of toe up socks.

shaping the planet with speckled yarn.

Look who's moving in!

My first intentional effort to spin bulky.

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 Looks more worsted, or maybe aran, but I'm getting there.

Yarn Church with Eastside Stitchers

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at Panera's in Redmond every Sunday morning from about 9 - 11.  Come knit with us!

Friday, June 24, 2016

finally, Friday!

It's Friday, and I made it to Friday morning knitting.  I love Summer Vacation.

The beautiful speckled shawl above is by Boppenlander.  She is going to edit the pattern a bit, and add beads to the lace border.  I can't wait to see it.
JennyLuigi knit a cowl.  See the rows where she twisted her stitches?  Such a subtle but lovely detail.
She was working on these mitts.
And also brought this lace cowl to show and tell.
Isn't this a great knitting T-shirt?
Wajio brought the mittens she has been working on.  We had an interesting discussion about using singles as opposed to a plied yarn.
This beautiful shawl is by SpinningLizzie.
CathieC is working on a poncho.  She is making great progress.
I worked on my Speckled Shawl by VanesaPolo.  It was really fun to see the Friday people, and such a great way to start the day.

shaping the planet with 3 social knitting days this week!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wondering Wednesday

Tonight was a night of gorgeous hand dyed yarns at Crossroads.

People brought the yarn they dyed at Dye Day at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The yarn above is indigo dyed by KnitterTinkerer.  She dyed a gradient by rolling it into a tight ball and putting the ball into the indigo pot.  The outside dyed, and the inside stayed cream colored.  below is the shawl she is knitting with this gorgeous ball.
ReadnitDream also brought yarn and fiber she had dyed, but she was crocheting a poncho from plain white... go figure.
Anuwizard was knitting an Ipad cozy.
Anuwizard brought the yarn she dyed to show and tell.
She did a great job fading the colors into each other.
Ceecee came to watch the knitting.
GwenS was able to knit a bit over the top of Ceecee.
Wajio was knitting mittens.  It's time to start Christmas knitting.
Anya was there, too!  She was working on her own pink mittens.
As was NightOrchid.  Of course, NightOrchid's mittens are from reclaimed yarn.
I was knitting with hand dyed yarn too, but mine was dyed by Puzan (we missed you! and JitteryKnitter).  I am knitting a cowl from it with a mock honeycomb stitch.  I think it will be beautiful.
shaping the world with my needy cat who has to follow me on my walk