Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Last Wednesday in April or...

Last Wednesday before our Spring Retreat Weekend!!

Ok, don't blame me (but then who would you blame?) but my phone was dying so I only got pictures of about half the people who showed up tonight.  I really need to get a car charger.  I don't know why some days my phone is still half charged when I get home from work, and other days, it has about 5% charge...
so who came to Crossroads tonight to knit? 

Dreamweaver19 brought her leg warmers.
I'm pretty sure this is Pamela2708 starting a new project.

Wajio was repurposing a thrift store sweater.
BlueberryMary is making good progress on her heart socks.
Domesticshorthair has got to be almost finished with her bed jacket.
I think this is my friend Lyla starting a new baby hat.
GwenS brought her beautiful 3 color cashmere shawl.
Anuwizard was knitting a snowman.
I brought my 2nd round sock madness socks.  I'm half-way down the feet, and trying to finish them tonight...
Who else was there that I missed photographing because of my dead phone?  let's see if I remember them without the project photos.
VanesaPolo was knitting something for Acorn Street's upcoming fashion show.
CrunchyNumbers was there, not sure what she was working on.
ReadnitDream was knitting a shawl with the softest yarn in the world.  It was Yak, and a beautiful brown.
I think that was everyone.
Really, a fun crowd, as usual.
I will try to post from the retreat this weekend.




shaping the planet with easter egg dyed fiber.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Super Crowded Night for Eastside Knitters

We had quite a long table of knitters, and one crocheter, at Crossroads tonight.  Before I try to match up the projects with the Rav names, I thought I would show you my newest design.  It's a seamed wrap.  I knit it out of Stonehenge Fiber Mill's Shepherd's Wool, in Blue Spruce.  I'm still working on a name, and I need to redo the cable chart, but writing up the instructions shouldn't bee too tough.  I've worn it twice already, and I just love it.

But, enough about me.  Who was stitching at Crossroads tonight?

JitteryKnitter is knitting ssomething, a cowl? She brought a few projects tonight, but this was the one I snapped a photo of...
BlueBerryMary is working on socks.  Isn't her "shoe" knitting bag the perfect sock project bag?
Dreamweaver19 is knitting leg warmers.
Night Orchid was hooking booties for her daughter's stuffed animal.
Pamela2708 was finishing the vest she is knitting for her Master Knitter Level I class.
KnitterTinkerer is working on the most beautiful knitted lace circular shawl.
The beautiful Anya was drawing.
Pamela2708 brought her beautifully crafted  vest.
GwenS was tinking at the end, but knitting enough on this beautiful shawl to keep it moving forward.

Puzan is designing a three color cowl.
Ashlemae joined us from Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo.  She was hooking a puzzle ball.
ReadnitDream was knitting a gradient shawl with yarn that she dyed and spun herself.
DomesticShorthair has made huge progress on her Breakfast Coat.  It's beginning to look like some amazing origami piece, that when folded correctly will be a wearable coat!
Hrvdmnky was knitting something with sparkly yarn.  Too bad the sparkles don't photograph well.
WireKnitter was also tinking a bit, but she seemed to get her project straightened out, and was back to knitting lace.
DomesticShorthair also brought her finished Cabled Pillbox hat to show and tell.  This hat is simply gorgeous.
CrunchyNumbers brought her finished (all but  blocking) Nurmilintu shawl. 

And, yes, there is one more knitter who joined us tonight, Chibirat is knitting a brioche scarf.
It's super squishy and warm looking.

shaping the world in yarn.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Springing Behind

I'm not joking.  This springing ahead is killing me.  I am so tired, I'm dragging myself to school every morning, and having trouble falling asleep every night. Wouldn't you rather have gained an extra hour than lost it???  I know I would.

Enough about my wonderful idea for Daylight Saving, and on to the Eastside Stitchers' regular Wednesday meet up at Crossroads.

Anuwizard was making a yarn doll.
BlueBerryMary is home from Haiti, and knitting a lace cowl.
GwenS was starting a sweater for the BEAUTIFUL Addie.
JitteryKnitter was knitting from deep stash.
WireKnitter brought a shawl to knit on, and a Finished Shawl to share.
Puzan has made great progress on a cowl with this beautiful self striping yarn.
HvrdMnky is knitting the gradient center of her new wrap.
Pamela2708 brought her finished vest.
Chockelet was trying to finish a wrap.
ReadnitDream was knitting from her own handspun, hand dyed yarn.

We took a small break to watch GwenS open an early baby shower package from JulieMustKnit.  It is a simply gorgeous sweater with hood and toggles.
And CrunchyNumbers finished the main knitting of her shawl, and had started the picot bind-off before Crossroads closed for the evening.
shaping the planet with Daylight Saving Jet Lag.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Restful Wednesday Evening

Sock Madness has started, and I am definitely going mad about socks.  I haven't knit any socks since last summer, and I am loving knitting these socks!  The first pattern (Round 1 is the qualifying round where you have to finish a pair in 2 weeks) is a slip stitch pattern, and I love how my fraternal socks are coming out.  BUT... in order to get them finished in time to qualify to be put in a bracket, I have dropped all other knitting, and am just knitting on these socks.  And, for me what is worse, I have been drinking caffeine to stay up past 9 pm so I can stay on my schedule.  I want to post my finished socks tomorrow.  I have 5 more rounds of the legs to do tonigh
t, then the ribbing tomorrow.  I stayed up until midnight the last 3 nights.  This and waking at 5 am to hit the gym before work is basically killing me.  Once these are turned in, I can get some sleep, and get back to work on my center cable wrap and finish the testing of my Triangle Club Scarf.    All that and teaching, too!

Thank goodness for my Eastside Stitchers buddies.  They are keeping me grounded while all I want to do is go crazy with this competition.

We had a small group at Crossroads tonight, the weather has turned and it is c-o-l-d again.  But the talk was about Hamilton, the Musical and knitting, and what could be better than those two things!

Puzan is knitting a shawl using self-striping yarn from Caterpillargreen yarns.
JitteryKnitter is working on a Scowl.
Pamela is also using self striping yarn and is knitting this lovely zigzag scarf.
Wajio is making good progress on a Summer Flies shawlette.
Gwen is knitting a three color cashmere shawl by Joji Locatelli.
Anerenbe was positively cranking out a hat.
And, CrunchyNumbers is seeing light at the end of her Nurmilintu.

We had a great discussion about Hamilton, and of course, knitting.

shaping the planet while falling asleep