Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Advent Calendar Scarf, Day 18 and Eastside Stitchers


So what to start with?  This is a quick post for both the 2013 Advent Calendar Scarf, Day 18 Pattern and Eastside Stitchers, I guess I will start with the scarf pattern.

Puzan!  if you read this post, I want to say that I kept thinking about your cowls as I was knitting today's pattern.  I kept thinking what a lovely cowl this would make.  It is not a tough pattern, but it is not as simple as just k2tog, YO, and ssk.  There is a little cable thrown in when the  pattern zigs or zags. 

The cable is // C2R (Cable 2 stitches to the right), or \\ C2L (Cable 2 stitches to the left).  Kristin explains how to do these cables with cable needles, but I did them the short-cut method I have described in the Day 4 post. 

The pattern was pretty quick and easy.

Eastside Stitchers Last Wednesday Meet Up Before Christmas

As Christmas is next Wednesday, the Wednesday group of Eastside Stitchers will not meet next week.  However, we did decide to go ahead and plan to meet on the evening of New Years Day.  If you are not too hung over (who, me?) and want to hang out and stitch, come up to Crossroads on Jan. 1 for some SnB.  Let's start the New Year off with yarn and friends.

There was a small group of Stitchers tonight at Crossroads.  Yes, again we were serenaded by a wonderful middle school jazz band.  This is a bit of a crazy week, with Christmas just seven days away, but six of us managed to make it to the round table near Half-Price Books.

Alphabetadell came back for another night of stitching and chat. She brought matching blankets she is hooking.
These have a really nice mix of variegated and solid colors.

Guess what Skeinherder was knitting?
How many has she knit?  Even Skeinherder has forgotten the number.  Or, she can't count that high...

She brought the new shawl she started.  Skeinherder and Wireknitter bought the pattern and yarn at Tolt Yarn and Wool.  Skeinherder has made it to the first stripe.
Tara1682 brought a pair of Owl fingerless mitts.  She has put together a few patterns to make her own design.
She is using Cascade 220.  They look squishy and warm as well as...... OWLS!!

LOOK!! LOOK!! Wajio finished her socks!!
I will not say how long she has been knitting these (1 year).  She used the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, by Sox Therapist, and the method taught in that pattern for fitting the socks.  I can't wait to hear her review of how the socks feel on her feet.

CathieC brought her beautiful MacArthur Park Poncho.  Just before we were ready to go, she discovered a dropped stitch.  Ugh!  She will have to tink everything she knit tonight.  Her poncho is really going to be lovely, though, so it is worth it.
I  brought my Advent Calendar Scarf, of course!  I was working on Day 19.

Look:  before we went home, Tara sewed the Owl eyes onto one of her mitts:
shaping the planet with friends with owls

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