Thursday, April 28, 2016


I'm putting this post up a day late because I was just too tired last night to try to type anything when I got home from Knit Night at Crossroads with the Eastside Stitchers.  The photo at the top is domesticshorthair modeling her beautiful Breakfast Coat.

One of the funny yet awkward things that happens when I wait one day to write up my Wed. post is that I forget who made what.  Like I remember discussing how well the yarn goes with a certain pattern, but then I can't remember who was knitting that pattern!  So I'm making a few guesses here, and when GwenS reads this, she will pm me with the correct information, and I'll get back on and edit.  Ok, Who showed up and what were they knitting?

Anuwizard was just starting a project.

Dreamweaver19 is making a striped cowl.
Chockelet brought a baby blanket for Cee Cee.
GwenS cast off another Elwood sweater.

I'm pretty sure the shawl above is Chockelet's new Color Affection  The beautiful finished object below is Hrvdmnky's Barndom.  (Thanks, GwenS who remembers everything!)
How many stitches can you squish onto a straight needle?  Hrvdmnky is going for the record with this shawl.
This is JitteryKnitter's graduation gift for her daughter who is graduating in 2 count them 2 weeks. Go!  Jitteryknitter!  Knit like the wind!
I want to say this really cool shawl done in two weights is Pamela2708.

Wajio brought charity baby socks.

I think this is Wireknitter's sweater.  It has these really cool pockets.  She also brought the beautiful cowl pictured below this photo.  She finished the cowl at our retreat.

Domesticshorthair brought the new shawl she is working on.

Guess who showed up??  CathieC!  I know the Friday morning group has been hopping, so it was etra great to see Cathie at the Wednesday night meet up.  She brought a beautiful wrap.
BlueBerryMary has changed her mind a bit with this scarf, but seem to have settled on a pattern. (Thanks, Mary!  I totally switch you and Dreamweaver around)
Puzan has the best color sense.  She is making good progress on her shawl.
Ending with the back view of domesticshorthair's gorgeous Breakfast Coat.

shaping the planet a day late.

P. S. Today at school (ok, Wed, cause I'm finishing this Thursday) was twin day.  My friend and I dressed Pacific Northwest in flannel shirts, jeans, and suspenders.  By lunch, our backs were aching and we noticed that we were slumping.  Ha ha ha the suspenders were putting pressure on our shoulders.  We both took the suspenders off, and stood much straighter.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

What is this fiber?

The pink is unknown. It burned like the red acrylic with a real flame, and sort of melted. The undyed on the right is Abundant Earth Fibers fingering weight Terra. It didn't really burn, or at least didn't flame up. So the pink is acrylic,  right?

Why or why do I let my yarn get so disorganized?


Friday, April 22, 2016

weekend plans

Good morning!
The weather looks like it will be a bit cooler this weekend after a week of record hot temperatures in western Washington.  Sock Madness is in the optional round, so I am not frantically knitting a pair of socks right now.  this weekend, I hope to get ahead in my lesson planning and clean up my stash, which has become a jumble of partial skeins. The south sound and North sound yarn crawl space are just around the corner, and I need to think ahead to possible summer and fall projects and do I need yarn (yes!).

Shaping the planet with possibilities

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wed Night at Crossroads

Hello:  I've been away from my blog for 2 weeks.  Last Wednesday, we had a baby shower for GwenS at my house, and I was a bit busy during the present opening so I did not get photos.  But I will try to a post this weekend so you can see the amazing knitwear/quilting/crossstitch that was given as gifts.

However, I did make it to our regular Wed. night meet up this week, and I have some photos to share of all the wonderful knits that were in progress.

The above photo is an Age of Brass and Steam that KnitterTinkerer is knitting.

ReadnitDream has this beautiful Mariners inspired yarn.  She is designing a shawl based in it.

Xooberknitter is knitting a shawl in a MysteryKal.
Suzehil is knitting another Motherbear.
GwenS is making a baby sweater.

JitteryKnitter has started a new shawl.

Puzan is knitting a beautiful shawl with these little peeks of surpirsesl

KnitterTinkerer brought her mystery KAL projet to show off!

CrunchyNumbers has turned the heel!
Tara1682 bought her beautiful wrap.
WireKnitter is working on a sweater.

I thought I had more photos.  I'm falling asleep, though, so that's all for now.

Good night

shaping the planet with good knitting friends.