Sunday, December 30, 2012



Sorry I haven't posted in a few days.  I'm also co-writing the blog for the Gryffindor House in the HPKCHC Group on Ravelry, and have been working on a few posts there.  Also, as the new "term" starts on January 1, I have been trying to get things organized.  I've also been cleaning/organizing my stash and needles/hooks. 

I was working on a pair of blue beaded socks of my own design for SolidSocks (blue) and SKA (beaded) December challenge, but they are about 1 1/2 in too small in the foot, so I am going to rip them back and add those inches.  I will lose the SolidSocks turn in, but as long as I do a CO (cast on) post in SKA before midnight, December 31, I have the month of January to finish them.  I like they way they look, so I might just go ahead and finish making them.
I hit JoAnn's today and got enough yarn for 2 afghans.  I have decided to do an afghan in 3 months for a HPKCHC Transfiguration OWL.  More on that later, but, to turn in the OWL proposal, you have to show that you have all of the materials BEFORE you begin.  The second afghan will be done over the year with the 2013BAMCAL Group.  I had so much fun this year with that group, and I so love the 2 afghans I made (I am currently sewing them together), that I really want to participate again this year.

I also want to show you the yarn I won in HPKCHC.  I was randomly drawn from people who participated in Quidditch this term and won some beautiful sparkly lace yarn!
Ok, way time for bed.

shaping the planet with 1 half sewn afghan, 1 in blocks, and a pair of super small socks.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Finished (except for weaving in) Photos of the SCARF!


See our eagle pair on a morning run?

I finally got a relatively rain free day today, so, in addition to taking some photos of Mt. Rainier,
See it?

I was able to talk Pookie into modeling my 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf.  It's a bit long.  I still can't decide which day I should have stopped, and just started a second scarf.  Maybe day 18?  16?  Anyway, ignore the hanging threads if you can,  I still need to do the weaving in.

It doesn't look so long on Pookie, as he is a bit over 6' tall.

Pookie said that he felt like he was in the video game, Assassin's Creed with the scarf over his head.  Then his buddy, Brandon, came over, and they held it out for me:
Just Pookie stretching it out:
I love it.

shaping the planet with lots of lace.

Mini-Eastside Stitchers Meet for Brunch


This morning, on the radio, the announcer said that the rain had stopped in Seattle, and while it was still raining in Bellevue (across the lake from Seattle), the rain would soon stop, and it would be a relatively nice day.  LIAR.

As far as I could see, it rained almost all day, and was freezing.  Well, not actually freezing, but not in the upper 40's either.

This morning, some of the Eastside Stitchers who couldn't meet last night got together at Crossroads for breakfast/brunch and some stitching.

Who was there and what were they working on?

There was a bit of colorwork show and tell.  Skeinherder brought some wristers.
And Redbird1 brought her first pair of colorwork mittens.
She was finishing the 2nd thumb.
Redbird1 was just starting a new scarf, Autumn Scarf, by Annie Lee, aka JumperCablesKnitting. 

Chockelet was working on some Ribbed Fingerless Mitts from the Ella Rae pattern book.  Her yarn was Ella Rae, also.
VanessaPolo was wearing the first sweater she had knit, by Stephanie Japel.
and knitting a Habitat hat by Jared Flood.
Skeinherder was working on a pair of slippers, "Easy House Slippers."  When they are finished, they should look like Grinch Shoes.
Redbird1 and Skeinherder both wore their Dropped Stitch Scarves.

Next week on Wed. January 2, I won't be able to get together with the group, so we plan to have a second meet up on Friday, January 4, also.  Hope some of you can make one of those.

shaping the planet with 2 stitching meet ups.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eastside Knitters Celebrate Boxing Day


I heard a lot of cawing this morning, looked out and there was a murder of crows (that is the name for a flock of crows.  Don't you love it?) in my front yard.   Actually, the above photo is of our neighbor's yard, because when I went outside to try to take a photo of the birds, they all flew across the street.  It was so weird.  Not only were there a ton of them on our grass, but when they flew away, a bunch went over my head as there had been a lot on the roof, too.
Very weird. I felt like I was in The Birds.

Except that they didn't attack.

Tonight, I met up with my Eastside Stitchers at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, as we do every Wednesday night.  We had a smaller group tonight, only needed one table, as some people are out of town, and others were celebrating Boxing Day.

Ok, enough about who was not there, and on to who WAS there.

Hrvdmnky has finished her Pagona  by Stephen West, with just a few inches of yarn to spare.

She bound off tonight.
This washed out photo does not begin to catch the beauty of her yarn.

Wajai was working on some new socks.  She is using the Shur'tugal pattern by Alice Yu.  This beautiful sock pattern uses twisted stitches and traveling stitches. The yarn is Renew Wool by Universal Yarn.  It uses 35% repurposed wool reclaimed from the mill.

2-at-a-time on 2 Circular needles.  I almost always use 2-at-a-time magic loop, and Hrvdmnky said that she likes to make socks 1-at-a-time on dpns.  Go Diversity!

VanessaPolo has started a new hat, Habitat, by Jared Flood (Redbird1's boyfriend).

She brought a friend from across the Lake (Washington) to join us tonight, Fincharm.  She was knitting one of VanesaPolo's designs, the Garter Stitch Keyhole Scarf.

Later on, the two brought out Owls sweaters, by Kate Davies.  They are knitting them in a mini-KAL.

Colleen was knitting a charity scarf for the Bellevue Y.
She was wearing her Irish Hiking Scarf.  The cable work is lovely.
Since she had finished her shawl, Hrvdmnky began crocheting a cowl in a yarn, a merino/silk blend from Fresh from the Cauldron, called "Poseidon."

She had her yarn and hook in a beautiful project bag from Second Avenue Swag, on
That's all for tonight.  I won't be able to meet with the group next week... boo hoo.  But on January 5, I will be celebrating St. Distaff's Day with NwRSA (Northwest Regional Spinners Association) in  Everett, WA at Cavelero Mid High School, in Lake Stevens, WA.

shaping the planet with friends who stitch.
the sun TRYING to break through the clouds

Monday, December 24, 2012

2012AdventCalendarScarf Finished and Blocked


I have finished knitting my 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf, designed by Kristen Benecken, who is wollkistchen on Ravelry.

soaked it,

and it is blocking.
I use welding wires that I bought last year and some children's play mats from Ross for just $12.50.
Here are all 24 Days:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19
Day 20
Day 21
Day 22
Day 23
Day 24
Merry Christmas!  And a giant thank you to Kristen for this lovely scarf and for the experience.  Also, I want to really thank all of the people who joined together to make this scarf, especially the group Moderators who were really helpful and encouraging.

shaping the planet with a GINORMOUS Advent Calendar Scarf

edited to add:  that while this scarf is finished and blocked, I have not woven in all ends.  Um, I will wait to do that on January 1 so I can turn the scarf in as a WIP for HPKCHC and "WIP the First" earning points for my House, Gryffindor!