Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 Advent Calendar Scarf Day 2


The pattern for Day 2 of the 2013 Advent Calendar Scarf, by Kristen Benecken, Wollkistchen on Ravelry, is another easy pattern.  This time I kept my stitch markers in.  You don't need to shift them at all, but the number of stitches between each marker increases and decreases every other row.  I kept a count:
Row 1 has 19 stitches between the markers.
Row 3 has 21 stitches between the markers.
Row 5 has 19 stitches between the markers.
Row 7 has 21 stitches between the markers.
Row 9 has 19 stitches between the markers.
Row 11 has 21 stitches between the markers, and
Row 13 has 19 stitches  between the markers.

There are no new stitches.  The pattern is made with left and right leaning decreases and YO's.  Once I got my nephew and niece off to school, I got down to work.  The only thing causing me any trouble today was the little kitten in the photo above.  My sister in law got the family a new kitten this fall.  His name is Salem, and he is wonderful, if you like kittens who are full of energy and who want to play all of the time.  He has decided that he loves my yarn and the movement of the needles.  He loves the bit of yarn that dangles from the cast on.  He loves the stitch markers.  He spent the morning leaping to my lap, and "playing" with me.  I had to put the knitting down and just scratch and pet him for about 30 minutes.  Ok, that wasn't really hard to do as he is just a beautiful little boy.

Here is the photo for Day 2:
And, here is what the scarf looks like so far:

The pattern for Day 3 has already been posted, so I am getting a bit of work in on that tonight.  My brother has taken my niece to try out for a club volleyball team.  He is really doing well.  He seems to have more energy than he did this summer.  I am not sure if it is because he is using his breathing machine more during the morning, or what.  I noticed that he doesn't need to nap as much.  Also, he has some new physical therapy care three days a week.  The therapist comes and stretches his legs and moves them all around.  This is such a huge relief for him.  One of the weird and horrible things about ALS is that you still have all of your feelings in your body, you just can't move.  So his legs get stiff and sore from not moving, just as anyone's would who spends a lot of time sitting in a chair.  We can stand and stretch our muscles.  He can't.  This new therapy is helping with that.  Also, he is excited for his daughter, and this shows in his good mood.  I hope she makes the team.

shaping the planet with another day of lace.

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