Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Advent Calendar Scarf, Day 17


I stayed up until about 1 am to finish today's pattern.  I finished all but the final row, then, when I got up this morning, I did that row, and the spacer as far as I can without knowing how many stitches the next pattern will need.

This is another nice mesh pattern.  This pattern uses the double YO ( 00 ), so the holes in the mesh are pretty big.  When you are on the back side, you either knit then purl into the YO's or purl then knit.  This makes the even number rows fast, but not quite as fast as just purling back.  Other than that, the pattern is just left and right slanting decreases. 

Once again, I am imagining all kinds of projects where I could use this stitch pattern. 

I worked on it while watching the final season of the TV show Merlin with Pookie.  This was one of my favorite shows last year.  It doesn't follow the Arthur Legend faithfully, but is close enough.  I think by the title you can guess it is told more from the point of view of the wizard, Merlin.  In this version, Merlin is not an old man, but rather the same age (about) as Arthur.  The two guys who play Arthur and Merlin have the most wonderful chemistry (bromance!), and their interactions are just hilarious.  The show is also helped by the fact that almost every guy on it is hot.  Especially Sir Gwaine, who is played by Eion Macken.  Whew!  I had to stop to fan myself.  Moogie and I watched this show at the same time last year, so, although she was in Portland at school, we would text each other or call as we finished episodes to chat.  We agreed that any time Gwaine showed up in an episode, that was perfection.  I have finished the whole show.  But last night, Pookie said, "There is another season of Merlin!"  I got so excited until I realized that he meant the final season which I had already watched.  He had been busy all summer, and hadn't had time to watch the show.  I am more than happy to watch it again, so we sat down and saw the first two episodes.  Yum.

This show is exciting, but like many BBC shows, it is suitable for families, too.  In fact, when I was in So. Calif. at my brother's house, I watched it with my brother and my niece.  It gets a bit scary for her, but not too much.

After Pookie went to bed, I still had one more repeat of the Day 17 pattern, so I finished up Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.  As with many shows on Netflix, it was a shock when the episodes ran out.  Whaaaaattt??  No more Jack Robinson, Police Detective?  I need to find another show.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about the scarf, so, here is what it looks like so far:
Since the last few patterns are pinned out on my blocking mats, you can see how much blocking will change the look.  EEEK!  7 more days of knitting left. 

shaping the planet with day 17

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