Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This Might be the Ugliest Thing I've Ever Made


Honestly, I think that I was thinking, "I'll make a fast granny square folk sweater/vest thing" for the Seattle Knitters Guild's Camp Aaron bear clothes charity knitting.  So I just couldn't leave well enough alone and have a rather ugly tank top vest thing.

For the Care of Magical Creatures class in the Harry Potter Knitting Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC), the assignment was to breed a new creature from 2 different things.  I think they meant to put parts of different patterns together, but I decided to both knit and crochet on the same project.

So, I took this ugly tank, and added little sleeves by picking up stitches and knitting.
I increased a bunch so they would be ... I honestly don't know.  Maybe I was thinking "frilly."

Then I knit a skirt to go with the top in black, and then bound off with crochet.
Then I went back and added a bit of crochet embellishment.
Originally, I was going to then crochet into the chains I added with the yellow, and make ruffles, but the skirt is so full and ruffly already, that it seemed like overkill.
I think if I make another, I will start with less stitches, and increase less.  Well, anyway, this is what the outfit looks like:
I can't even imagine what it is going to look like on a teddy bear.

shaping the planet with mutant crafts.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quick Post about Progress

Today, Wajio, ReadnitDream, Anya, and I went to Weaving Works for their Saturday Spin-in.  I spun the last bobbin of the 8 I need for my Order of the Phoenix Mission.  Tomorrow, I will start plying the singles into 2-ply skeins of yarn.

I was also able to test run a Lendrum wheel and an Ashford Ladybug wheel.  I couldn't say which I liked more.  They both were really smooth. 

When I got home, Doc and I went to see the new Melissa McCarthy movie, Spy.  Very funny.  I brought the socks that I am knitting for my brother.  His feet are now so swollen that he really can't wear regular socks, and has asked me to knit up 4 pair for him.  Since he won't be walking, and I can't really trust his care givers to wash wool correctly, I am using Berroco Vintage in the worsted weight.  I don't have a progress photo of these, but they are coming along nicely.

I am almost finished with the 2nd pair of the 3 pair of "heavily cabled" socks that I am knitting for my OWL.
I thought that I would finish these last night, but I was at the part where I don't seem to make any progress.  I mean, I would knit the 6 row repeat of the end of foot pattern, and measure the socks.  Too Short.  Knit the repeat again and measure my progress.  None.  No Progress.  Knit another repeat.  Still too short.  I was going crazy.  I am finally closing up the toes, but don't have a photo of that.

I can't wait to start my Combination Theory Socks. Maybe tomorrow.  I know I can finish up the Bex socks tomorow.  Will I cast on??

shaping the planet in some soul draining heat.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Knitted Knockers at Poo Poo Point

I am trying to take one real hike every week this summer.  To start this off, today I hiked up to Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain behind Issaquah.

The maps and some of the trail signs say this is about 3.8 miles to the top.  Other trail signs say this trail is a bit over 4 miles to the top.  My fitbit said it was 7 miles to the top.  What ever.  It was brutal for me.
I got to the trail head at 7:30 this morning and headed up.  Most of the hike is through pretty thick forest,
so it was mostly in the shade and relatively cool.  There are all these signs warning about cougars and bears,
I think I saw bear poop (scat) at the very beginning of the trail,
I never saw any bears or cougars, thank goodness.  I did hear tons of birds, saw a deer
something that I think was a mole? burrowing into the dirt.
The trail is mostly not tough, just unrelentingly up up up.
There are some fairly steep spots, which were tough on my knees on the way down.  The view from the top was worth it.
Poo Poo Point is where the local paragliders launch.  You can see the launching pad at the bottom of this next photo.
There are picnic tables, benches, and a bathroom at the top.
I ate a snack while I rested, then worked a bit on a Knitted Knocker.
It was a great hike.

For my fitbit, I logged 29,000 steps and 173 stairs.  Wow.

shaping the planet on the top of Tiger Mountain.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Wednesday Night

It was warm today, but not horrible.  It is supposed to be horrible this weekend.  Still, it felt good to hang out in the air conditioning at Crossroads.  The mall was a bit quiet tonight, and that totally fit my mood.

The group was seriously knitting for most of the evening.  We had some really nice projects at the new faux wood tables.

Wireknitter was knitting garter stitch.  The colors are so summery. 
Wajio has successfully taken the amazingly cute moccasin pattern, and rewritten it to be knit in the round.  She had only 3 ends to weave in on each slipper.
GwenS is almost finished with this textured stripe and lace cowl.  The pattern is Leventry Loop by Sarah Jordan.
nightorchid was working on a ribbed scarf from reclaimed yarn.
Readnitdream was knitting a lace shawl from her own spindle spun yarn.
Domesticshorthair is a-l-m-o-s-t finished with her linen stitch scarf.
and little ReadnitDream is making progress on the No Swatch Hat she is knitting for her Dad.

Just a really pleasant evening.


First Day of Summer Vacation


What a gorgeous day.

My first day of summer vacation from school was packed.  I want to try to get into a good routine, but if today was any indication, it won't happen.  ha ha ha ha

I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon this morning.  I have been having a lot of shoulder pain (this happens about every 3 years or so) because I have Bursitis in my left shoulder.  I get a shot of cortizone in the shoulder, and it fixes the problem.  Like a Miracle!

Anyway, I had hoped to go for a walk (got to get in my 10,000 steps every day this summer), but just couldn't seem to get going before the appointment.

So the doctor ordered xrays of both shoulders (the right one has been bothering me, too, but not as badly).  He says the problem is arthritis!  What?  well, I still have some bursitis in the left shoulder, but the pain in the right shoulder is from arthritis, and that I have it in both shoulders.

The good thing is that I get some Physical Therapy to make my upper body stronger, YAY!  training paid for by the insurance.  I was hoping to start working out my upper body this summer.  I have been doing all that walking and riding, but nothing with my arms.  Since my shoulders were hurting, I wanted to see the doctor first.  So I hope to start soon.
I took my walk when I got home, and it was really long for me.

I looped up my street then down to the elementary school.  There is a trail system that goes through the woods behind the school.  I took the lower path towards 24th street.
The path is pretty steep in some areas, and there are little wooden bridges across these small streams.  There are 3 streams.

Many of the trees are old and really tall.
Pretty soon, I was entering Redmond (the city limit is half way down the trail) and then I came out at NE 24th St.
 I walked all the way down NE 24th St.
 and along West Lake Sammamish Parkway until I found my street.
 This was a bit over 9000 steps, so with the steps I took in the doctor's office, I hit my minimum before lunch.
 After lunch, I decided to make some soup.  I needed a few things for the stock, and then when I decided to make Tom Yam (a spicy Thai soup), I needed a few more!  so I ran up to Crossroads to the grocery store.  I had forgotten that on Tuesdays, there is a Farmers' Market at Crossroads.  But I went there first, and got as much as I could, plus some berries (blue, raspberry, and blackberries), and some cherries.
Then I went home and cooked soup.  I finally got to sit down and craft while the stock was cooking.

I worked on my Bex Socks, then after dinner on the new afghan I am making for Quidditch.
I didn't get to knit nearly enough.  I really need to finish those socks and get started on my Combination Theory socks because I am planning a trip to New York City in July to visit Moogie and Pookie, and I know I won't be able to craft much that week.

Ok, off to bed.  It's super late, and I need to walk tomorrow before I start any crafting.  I want it to be cool for my walk.  Also, it's Wednesday night knitting tomorrow, and I need to be rested up!

shaping the planet with long walks.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015



It was a bittersweet evening at Crossroads tonight as we had our last meet up with JulieMustKnit.  She will be moving out of the area, and we are so sad to be losing her.  Of course we can keep up in our Ravelry group, and we hope to see her at our Retreats (as they become a regular feature of the Eastside Stitchers), and possibly Madrona, or other fiber festivals.  But, we will sooooo miss knitting with her on Wednesday nights and Friday mornings.

So, who made it to Crossroads to say goodbye?
JitteryKnitter was back from her fossil expedition in Oregon and knitting a shawl.
Puzan was knitting a bear sweater for the Seattle Knitters Guild charity.
GwenS was casting on a sweater for the beautiful Addie.
Wireknitter was making a lace shawl.  This photo does not do it justice.
JulieMustKnit has been knitting hats all year.  She is trying to knit some bizarre number of hats this year.  She has chosen a really beautiful pattern for this hat, Habitat by Jared Flood, and is knitting it in Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter yarn.
ReadnitDream is knitting a cowl with yarn she got on this year's North Puget Sound LYS Crawl.

Barbara is knitting a lace scarf. (O, dear, what IS your Ravelry name?)

We had a visiting Ravenclaw join us.  IAmACuttlefish, who is visiting the area for the summer, came to knit at the new faux wood tables at Crossroads (If you haven't been to knit in a while, don't be freaked out at the new tables.)  She brought a beautiful lace project that I mangled with a bad photo.
Ok, I need to go be sad to say goodbye to Julie.

shaping the planet with knitting friends.