Saturday, December 24, 2011

Advent Calendar Scarf Day 24, Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve!  and welcome to D-Day, the final day of knitting on my Advent Calendar Scarf 2011.

It is 8:22 am, I just finished the last stitch of the spacer section between days 23 and 24 and am ready to knit the final pattern section.  I'm listening to KUOW, my local Public Radio station out of the University of Washington.  Ok, enough typing, time to knit!

10:30 and starting the 2nd repeat.  I'm listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me now =)  I love this show.  The guest for Not My Job is Neil Gaiman.  I'm starving, and I was going to take a break at this point and eat some breakfast, but I want to finish this pattern first.

11:06 and I'm on row 5  David Sedaris is performing his Santa Land Diaries on This American Life.

12:19 pm and finished Day 24.  I will now do the final spacer section then block before I eat.  Ok, I'm now eating these Creme Brulee Almonds by Planters that my Auntie J sent.   Nothing but health food for me.

1:30 pm finished the spacer and put it in the washer to soak and spin. 

3:30 pm Blocked on the rug in the TV room.

LOL slightly too long, so I added my sewing cutting board to the end.  It measures 7'7" x 1' 

I don't think it will be ready for Mass tonight.  That makes me sad.  But, the Doc and I will go to a neighborhood party for New Year's Eve, and I will wear it to that.

I have so many thoughts about my scarf.  I just can't even relax enough to organize them.  I hope on December 26th to spend some time organizing them, and post that day.  This has been an absolutely grueling experience.  I feel like I ran a marathon.  I am so proud of myself.  I joined a group of crafters from around the world and with their support, and giving my support, made something beautiful.

Merry Christmas and Peace to all.

C. A. Losi

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