Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quick post before going to wait in line for The Hobbit


First off, there is enough sun today that I can see the Cascades! 

Today, I am going to the midnight showing of The Hobbit with Doc, Moogie, Allifer, her BF A, and my oldest son, the Dragon.  I plan to get in line a bit before noon.  I am bringing my Advent Calendar Scarf to knit, as I have not finished today's section, and a new pair of socks that I am making for myself for SolidSocks/SKA December's challenges which are Blue and Beaded respectively.

I hope to post from the line,  but if I can't get a connection there, expect my Day 13 post tomorrow, late, after I have slept in from staying up so late.

I also wanted to post photos of the swap gift I received from the 2nd Gryffindor Fall swap.  It was an ornament swap where we were supposed to make either an animal or a monster.  My partner did not really make me an ornament, but she definitely made me a MONSTER.  More specifically, the...

Monster's Book of Monsters!
Isn't it amazing?

I carefully stroked the spine not wanting to be attacked by those ferocious teeth,
And, inside were some chocolates, and a card with 2 sock stitch markers.
I am the luckiest Gryffindor Firstie!  This is an amazing swap gift, and really makes me feel like the mutant lion I knit for my partner

was... well, um... mutant.

Great day.
Now, off to Crossroads Mall and the Crossroads Cinema to sit for 12 hours on a folding chair.

shaping the planet with the Monster's Book of Monsters.

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