Friday, December 7, 2012

2012AdventCalendarScarf Day 7


[Edited on 2012.12.09 at the bottom to add 2 stitch tutorials]

Ok, if anyone looks closely at the Day 6 photo, you will some pretty funny mistakes.  When we had to do the 3 from 3 stitch, um, a few times, thankfully near the end, I simply K3tog.  I wasn't really counting because it was like k3, 3from3, then knit to the end of the repeat.  But when I tried to knit the first row of the spacer section, I realized I was missing quite a few stitches.  I had to tink about 6 rows.  But I did it, and I here is what the section looks like now. 

 Here is where the errors were in Day 6.  

 The arrow on the left points to a k3tog which then threw the 3from3 on the right off count. I don't know how I didn't see that the stitches weren't lining up correctly.  I think part of that is because knitting with lace weight yarn and size 6 needles, makes the whole project a bit messy looking, and it is hard to read more than the row directly on the needles.

On to Day 7.

Day 7 was easy except that we had to drop a stitch, and that got scary.  Also, we knit these really big YO's.  Double YO's then when coming back you had to pkpk into them.  I really hope to do some tutorials of these new stitches, but I'm so tired (it's almost midnight), and tomorrow I have to go to 2 parties.  

Here is what the pattern looked like today:
The ladders from the dropped stitches are very striking.

I have already started the section for Day 8.  I need to get ahead because I am so busy tomorrow.  I hope that Sunday is a bit quieter.


shaping the planet with Day 7

∆ = sl1 kn2tog psso
slip one stitch as if to knit

knit the next 2 stitches together
pick up the slipped stitch with the left needle and pass it over the k2tog

Π  Drop a stitch

Down in the first row of this pattern, you made a YO which added an extra stitch to the count.
Each row of the pattern had you simply knit this stitch on the Right Side, and purl it on the Wrong side.

You simply drop the stitch (be sure you are dropping the correct one) off the needle.
It will unravel down
(sometimes with a bit of help) 

and stop where you made the extra stitch.

Leave me a comment of you have any questions or suggestions.


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