Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eastside Stitchers Celebrate the Holidays


Tonight, the Eastside Stitchers met at Crossroads Mall to stitch and celebrate the holidays with a gift exchange.  The plan for the exchange was to keep it relatively inexpensive with a skein of yarn (could be from your stash), something made by you, and then what ever else you thought might fit your person but kept totally under $20.

There were some lovely knit items, a Loch Ness Monster Amigurumi, some sewed project bags, homemade cookies and candy.  We had a definite green/teal yarn exchange going for a while.  It is amazing how many of us love the same rich jewel colors.  I did not receive green yarn, but instead an absolutely gorgeous skein of Happy Feet Sock yarn (my favorite yarn weight) in color 4, which is a vibrant tonal red.  I can't wait to cast on.  As the group reporter, I got a very cute notebook.  I always keep a notebook with me, every where, all the time.  I am a very scatter brained person, so I need to have a place to write down both my brilliant ideas, and notes on what is happening.  If I had to rely on my memory, I would be in big trouble.  I love my new notebook.

But, enough about me.  In addition to eating skeinherder's cookies and squeeing about our new yarn, what were we all knitting?

Colleen had a skein of mohair and was knitting a simple garter stitch scarf, that did not look "simple" in this lovely yarn.
GwenS was using some of her Shepherd's Wool from the 2012 Puget Sound LYS Tour last May in a hat for her Brother-in-Law.  The pattern is Dustland Hat by Stephen West.
Vanesapolo was making a second Owls Sweater.  This one for a friend.  She is using Cascade 128 Tweed in a brown clorway.   This is the sleeve.
Wajio was swatching for a pair of socks with her possom yarn she got in New Zealand.  This yarn is amazingly soft.
Chockelet brought her 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf.  She is almost caught up.
And a new pair of mitts she is making from the Ella Rae Book.

Hvrdmnky has made some good progress on her Pagona shall by Stephen West.  She is almost through the purple, and well into the blue color in the yarn.
Anerenbe started the first of a pair of Worsted Weight Socks in some left over acrylic from her stash.  I have said this before, but she is a crazy fast knitter!
Redbird1 was knitting an Arwen scarf by Tabitha's Heart in Grace Silk & Wool.  This scarf is way too nice to give away.
Skeinherder was knitting another Purled Christmas Tree, this one in Noro "chirimen"  She brought 2 others as table decorations.

Tara had a few projects that she was finishing, but sadly, I did not get any photos.  Allifer ran in at the end of the evening.  Math Guy (she is a tutor) needs to come much earlier on Wednesdays so she can actually Knit/hook at stitch night for once.

We have such a nice group, but if you are on the Eastside (or visiting) and looking for a group, give us a try.  We are all eager for new members.


shaping the planet with some gorgeous new yarn!

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