Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012AdventCalendarScarf Day 2


It is only 9:15pm Dec. 1, but I  am so sleepy!  I have finished the 2nd spacer section, and the first 2 rows of Day 2. That's it for me, though.  I need to get to bed. This section looks very easy with just knits and purls, YO and either Left or Right slanted decreases, but I am afraid that I will make some stupid counting error if I continue tonight.  I have my lifeline in.  I will continue this section tomorrow.

Hello Again,

I got up late, for me, at 7 am. and really wanted to get to work on my scarf, but since I knitting a bit faster this year, I told myself to relax and get some other things done around the house first.  The first thing I did was to check the load of laundry and O!  I'm pretty sure the washer is done for it.  We have a Whirlpool Regency that is about 10 years old (or even more).  It is one of the first front loaders made in the USA and has a huge capacity which was key for a family of 7, and even more key 2 years ago when the Godkids lived with us and we had 7 kids (9 people) in the house.  Other than the huge capacity, the thing I loved most about this Washer (ok, other than it used way way way less water than most big machines), was how dry it spun the wash.  The clothes in the dryer often finished before a washer load.  Amazing!  So, this great old machine has been really loud lately, and we all knew it wouldn't last much longer, but well, I'M BUSY RIGHT NOW!  I need to do some research and pick a new machine, and well, my laundry room is always messy, so I will need to have the old machines moved out, then clean the floor, etc. to be ready for the new ones...  Enough about my laundry trouble.

I did take the time to spin on my drop spindle this morning.  Since I was gone a lot last week, and then knitting frantically on my HPCKHC projects, I did not spin at all.  I think I am getting faster, but I still need to park and draft.  I don't know it that is because I am using cheap fiber that is not super well prepared, so a bit tough to draft out, or if it is just that I am still a beginner.  Anyway, I almost have another spindle full.  I want to try to get 3 spindles full, then try to ply some beginner yarn.  It should be funny to see what I end up with.

On to Day 2 of my 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf.

The pattern was very easy today, and there was only one repeat, so  it took me about 1 1/2 hours to finish today's section. It is a beautiful geometric piece.  I had no trouble with it, and it was also pretty easy to read the knitting while doing the even rows.  Although, I have to admit that I am a bit afraid to say that, because yesterday, when I was doing one of the even rows, I realized that I had almost finished the row and not knit once. Pride goes before a fall for sure.  It didn't take long to tink the whole row, and proceed a bit slower, really looking for the knit stitches.
So this is what the scarf looks like now:

And this is today's pattern:

I have been reading the chat in the 2012 Advent CalendarScarf Group, and it is really wonderful.  First, the Moderators are very helpful.  I remember last year being so frantic trying to keep up, and really needing the help of people in the group.  It always restores my faith in the goodness of people to do a project like this.  Also, the Mods keep reminding people that there is no deadline, you can knit the scarf at your own pace.  It is fun to try to finish by Christmas, but that is really not necessary.  Someone already posted today that they were "behind!"  I had to laugh because I remember feeling that way last year.

The Doc and I are going to a Christmas Open House with people from the hospital.  The couple hosting are big University of Notre Dame fans (as are we!!  Go Irish!), so we are bringing a bottle of wine in a Notre Dame colored Cozy. 

I'm confessing here that I was crocheting like crazy on that cozy right up until we left for the party.  Doc kept saying, "About ready to go?"  Well, I think it came out great.  He told the host of the party that I knit it.  I was a good wife and did not correct him.

I just wanted to write one more thing about the Doc.  He put up our Christmas Lights yesterday, 

and I didn't realize it, but he changed out the light in our big light to a colored one.  We have this light at the end of our driveway that is motion sensored, so when you start to drive in, it lights up and you can see where to go.  So now it has a colored bulb in it for Christmas.  But in true Doc fashion, he put in a RED light, so we look like a ... house of prostitution.  I love him.


shaping the planet with Day 2 finished.
more photos from Princeton University

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