Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just a Quick Post

If I knit like C-R-A-Z-Y today, I will finish my scarf and be ready to block it tomorrow morning so I can wear it to Christmas Eve Mass tomorrow evening.

Unfortunately, my kids are coming over for dinner.... Hmmm what do I have in the house to feed them so I will not have to go out and get something or spend any time at all cooking?

shaping the planet with some left over pot roast thrown into some barbeque sauce and slapped onto buns as BBQ sandwiches!


  1. I have finally concluded that you are not looking in on me from across Lake Samm.... I am guessing you are about NE 20th... Its been my challenge over these recent pictures to try to figure out where the hec these houses are on this side. At least I get to see how much snow is on the Hills Outback!

    Love your posts... someday I will actually wander up to Crossroads for an evening of needling.

    Signed: SE 8th.

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  2. You are sooooooooooooo close! We live in Tam O'Shanter. I am amazed you could tell. And, don't you LOVE our lake and mountains? I just wish I had a better view of Rainier. I have to walk up and around to really see it. Sometimes we get a sliver... but just a sliver.