Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012AdventCalendarScarf Day 15

We had some sun yesterday

I am continuing my posts about the 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf by Kristen Benecken, who is wollkistchens on Ravelry.

The section for today had one of those stitches where you have to BELIEVE.  In other words, you must drop 3 stitches and believe that your scarf will not be ruined. 

When I knit the section, mostly last night, there was a lot of discussion in the group because the English instructions and the German instructions were different.  I think 2 or 3 people went ahead and followed the English instructions and posted photos.  Those instructions were wrong.  However, the finished sections were very cool looking.  I am assuming that the English instructions for Day 15 have been fixed.  So anyone knitting this day of the pattern will get the correct instructions.  I want to recommend putting in a lifeline for this section, especially if you are worried about the dropped stitch.

So, what does this section look like?

And what is the special stitch?

Kristen simply uses the symbol 5.

I don't know if this stitch has a name, so I will just show how it is done.

When you are ready to make the stitch, 5, you will have made 3 different YO's followed by a \ (left leaning decrease) on rows 1, 3, 5.

Insert the right needle into the hole in row 1 from front to back
Bring the needle up and YO like a normal stitch.
Pull the yarn through the row 1 hole, making it a bit long.  One stitch.
YO (2 stitches)
Insert the right needle back into the SAME hole.
Bring the needle up and YO as for a regular knit stitch.
And pull through.  (3 stitches)

YO (4 stitches)
Insert right need one last time into the same hole in row 1.
Bring the needle up in the back, YO, and pull through.
You will now have 5 new stitches on the right needle.
You will now drop the next 3 stitches from the left needle.

Be careful that you don't drop the Left Leaning Decrease Stitch (\).

That's all.  When you even the stitch out, it will look a bit like this:

This is what my scarf looks like now:
It is too big to lie along the width of my dining room table.

I am still loving the knitting.

shaping the planet with Day 15

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