Monday, December 10, 2012

2012AdventCalendarScarf Day 10

Opal Apple on left, Aurora Apple on right

I'm continuing my blogging about the 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf.

Three interesting things in today's pattern.  The first is a new stitch, ↓ = k1b = knit 1 stitch in the row below.   There is a great tutorial on knit one into row below on the TechKnitter Blog  She does amazing graphics.  It's too late for me to do a photo tutorial today, but I will try to add one tomorrow at the bottom of this post.  But really, just check out TechKnitting.

The second is the symbols.  Don't be confused by the symbols today.  It seems that Kristen is not always consistent from day to day in the symbols she uses.

Today, 3 means to sl1 k2tog psso  and means the centered 3 stitch decrease  or sl2 k1 psso.
I have linked both to their tutorial on my blog, but they are both very easy.  Just remember to slip as if to knit, and with the centered one, slip the two stitches together as if to knit.

The third tricky thing today is that you have to move the stitch markers to keep your repeat counts consistent.

Row 15
You will need to move the stitch markers.  You knit up to 1 stitch before the marker, place a new marker, slip that stitch as if to knit, remove the old marker and keep it nearby, then continue with the three stitch decrease by k2tog and passing that slipped stitch back over.  Repeat across the row.

Row 17, 19, 21, 23, 25
You will need to move the stitch markers on these rows.  But, because the 3 stitch decrease is the Centered one, you must knit to 1 stitch before the marker, place new marker, slip the stitch PURL wise, remove the old marker, slip the stitch back on to the left needle, then proceed with the decrease by slipping 2 stitches together knitwise.

The pattern today looks like this:
 And the entire scarf like this:
It is almost too wide for the width of my dining room table. 

Today, the Doc, Moogie, and I, went to Issaquah to watch Pookie's classes at the Village Theater Institute.  Pookie auditioned for this program last year, and goes every Monday night from 3:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  It was easy to see why he loves it.  It is a great program.  We got to watch his dance, voice, and acting classes.  I was very impressed.


shaping the planet with Day 10
Asian Pear


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