Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012AdventCalendarScarf Day 11


I haven't been posting many photos of my beloved Lake Samammish and Cascade Mountains because we have had such dreary weather here that I can't see the mountains, and well, I just don't feel like standing outside in the cold rain to get a blurry photo of a gray lake.


I am continuing my daily posts about my progress on the 2012Advent Calendar Scarf by Kristen Benecken who is Wollkistchen on Ravelry.

The pattern today is a very easy one.  It has a mesh stitch (which I love) and a simple 4 stitch cable.  There is not much to say about the knitting since it is so simple, but I did make a little photo tutorial on how I do these cables without a cable needle.  Also, since there were only 24 rows, I was actually able to finish before noon.  Yay!

Here is today's section:

Cabling without a Cable Needle
Here you see a section of 2p, 4k, 2p

Purl 2, then, working with the 4 knit stitches that will make up the cable:
Insert the right needle into stitches 3 and 4 BEHIND the knitting from right to left

Drop all 4 stitches off the left needle.  There will be two free stitches, and two on the right needle.

If you are worried about losing the stitches, you can pinch the stitches with your right thumb and fingers (I usually do this if the yarn is at all slippery).

Pick up the two dropped stitches by inserting the left needle into them in front of the right needle.

Slip the two stitches from the right needle to the left needle.  You will now have 4 stitches on the left needle, but their order will be switched to 3 4 1 2.  

Knit the four stitches one at a time in their new order.

Voila!  You have a cable:

Since I have some time before the next pattern is released, I will fold laundry, and get some other knitting done.  Also, I need to get to work on sewing together the 2 afghans I made with the 2012 BAMCAL group.  I have signed up for the 2013 BAMCAL and am excited to make some more beautiful sampler afghans.  But that is for January.  Thank goodness.


shaping the world with Day 11.

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