Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012AdventCalendarScarf Day 23


I should almost name this:  The one where my 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf becomes a cat bed.

It is 12:20 pm and I have finished today's section and am ready to move on to the next and LAST section of the scarf.  I haven't checked Kristen Benecken's blog,  von-stroh-zu-gold,  where she posts the pdf's for each section, but my guess is that the last section, for Day 24 is up.  After I finish this post, I will check.  If I get the whole thing finished, spacer section - day 24 - spacer section, tonight, I will post again, though it will be another bad photo with flash.  I have bought some lighting equipment and hope to put together a light box when I am finished with all of this lace madness.  My photos should improve in the New Year.

Anyway, on to Day 23.

Another super easy pattern.  I had absolutely no trouble keeping track of the YO's today.  It's interesting, some days, when I knit back on the even rows, I find I regularly forget YO's.  Today, there were 0 misses.  Another thing, this pattern has instructions for both odd and even rows. This makes it "Knitted Lace."  I found a decent explanation of the difference between Lace Knitting and Knitted Lace at

...some sticklers for tradition make a distinction between "lace knitting" and "knitted lace," saying that lace knitting is what you get when you have pattern rows only on the right side of the work, while knitted lace has pattern rows on every row.

The Knitted Lace sections often use the 2, or purl 2 together.  Although Kristen does not make a distinction, I try to figure out which way the stitches should lean, and purl together accordingly.  Today, it seemed that all of the 2's should lean left on the right side of the scarf, so I used the Slip knitwise, slip knitwise, transfer both back to the left needle, then purl two together through the back loop that is beautifully illustrated on the TechKnitting blog.

Here is today's section:
The YO's on both sides, as well as decreases on both sides, make the section extra airy, almost as if I had dropped a stitch.

I don't have very much yarn left.
I just know I am going to need to dip into my last skein.  Boo Hoo.  Hope I make it without doing that.  Winding that last skein will take T-I-M-E.

shaping the planet with Day 23

12:47  Edited to add that I just checked Kristen's site and Day 24 is NOT up.  I will knit the spacer and check again.

1:50 pm  Edited again.  I have finished the spacer section except for the last row (because it might need to be increased or decreased for the next and last pattern).  Day 24 is up!

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