Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012AdventCalendarScarf Day 19


It snowed in the Cascades and then the clouds lifted enough this morning that I could see them.

Very quick post today about the 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf by Kristen Benecken, aka wollkistchen, on Ravelry.  My stitch group, Eastside Stitchers, is having our Holiday Party tonight at Crossroads Mall, so I need to finish putting together my gift for the exchange, and head out.  I am so excited to see everyone.  Really, I love Stitch Night.

The pattern today was very easy again.  No tough stitches.  Just the Purl 2 together that we have seen before.  I chose to make mine lean the same way as the k2tog in the proceeding row.  That meant that I had to ss (slip as to knit, slip as to knit), return both to left needle, then purl 2 together through the back loop to make what would look LEFT leaning on the RIGHT side.  This is not specified in the pattern, Kristen just gives the p2tog instruction.  But, I chose to interpret it this way.  Again, here is the link to the TechKnitting Blog that has the great graphic tutorial for this stitch.

Here is today's pattern:

Super pretty.  I do want to say that I couldn't seem to remember to put in the YO's.  This meant that I had the wrong count all the time.  Then I would have to look at the row below the one I was knitting, and figure out where the YO was supposed to be, and dip down, and add a YO.  Luckily, to me anyway, that is the easiest error to fix.  By now, I am a champion at it.

shaping the planet with Row 19, and a party!

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