Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012AdventCalendarScarf Day 6

[This post was updated on 2012.12.09 to add a stitch tutorial at the bottom]
Ugh!  I still have the spacer section to start this morning.  But it is because of a good reason.  I was up late writing my blog about my Eastside Stitchers last night, and way too tired to knit.  I should have just knit it right away yesterday, as I actually finished fairly early, but I wanted to knit and photograph that little stitch tutorial, and then the Washer and Dryer finally arrived (photos to follow).  I wish I could also say that I did some housework, but um... no.  This morning I did catch up a bit in the kitchen, and I am now trying to catch up on the laundry that we haven't been able to do.  One great thing, and I have written about this before, but it is worth mentioning again, is my little vacuuming robot, Robbie.  He keeps my livingroom and diningroom rugs almost cat fluff free.  

Ok, on to the scarf/shawl.

I see that today's pattern has a really cool stitch, the 3.  Three stitches from three stitches.  When I am finished, I hope to photograph a little stitch tutorial. 

Time to get a knittin' !

Note to self:  DECREASE not increase. Tinked first spacer row and restarting.  Boo hoo, it's now 8:30.

I finished today's section in time to run out to my weekly Math tutoring at the local high school.  I am a bit rusty with Algebra II but it is coming back as I tutor.  So far, the kids have not been able to stump me.  The volunteer coordinator asked if I could also tutor in Geometry, and I bravely said, "Yes."  Hope I remember it.

Here is the section for today:

And here is the entire scarf so far.

Unfortunately, the light has gone too much for me to show the cool stitch that was used, but I will try to do that tomorrow and do an update to this post.

I need to get ready for a neighborhood Christmas Party tonight, so This is all for today.


shaping the planet with Day 6.

Update written December 9, 2012

The new stitch that was used in this day's pattern is called 3 from 3, and Kristen uses the number 3 as its symbol.


3 from 3 
knit 3 stitches together, but do not take off the left needle 

(1 stitch on right needle)

YO (2 stitches on right needle)

Insert back into the 3 stitches from the front (knit 3 tog) and take off left needle (3 stitches on right needle)

purling back on the Wrong Side,  you will see this:

then just purl into the 3 stitches one at a time.
Back on the Right Side again, you can see the stitch.  It does not change your stitch count.

 Ok, the photo is a bit blurry (sorry, it gets dark so early here.  But it is a very sweet stitch.

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