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2012AdventCalendarScarf Day 8


[This post was edited 2012.12.09 with an added stitch tutorial down at the bottom of the post.]

Continuing my countdown to Christmas with the 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf by Kristen, who is wollkistchen in Ravelry.

I started my 2nd skein of yarn with this section. That means that I should use 3+ skeins.  I have 3 and a partial (almost full) which was the one I started with.  I should have enough.  Actually, I had 2 and the partial, so I ran frantically to my LYS, Serial Knitters, and bought 1 more to be safe.  Hope I am safe.  Of course, they said that since Cascade is so safe (it is great living near them), they could get me another skein quickly if I needed one, and the dye lots don't really matter that much since Cascade is pretty consistent.

I actually started this section last night because I wanted to get a bit ahead for today.  Today is my knit-bud GwenS's birthday party.  She is having a get together at her house this afternoon.  I made a treat for her (cooking not knitting), but I  can't say what it is here because she actually reads this blog.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GwenS!

After GwenS's party, I have another party.  This one is on my street.  My street has an annual "progressive dinner" party every year.  For anyone who doesn't know what that is, you start the party at one house with part of the meal, usually appetizers, then move to another house for the next part, and so on until at a final house you have dessert.  We are actually skipping the "dinner" part of the party and just doing appetizers and dessert.  I have been busy this morning making some various appetizers as that is my contribution to the party.  Basically, everyone divided into either appetizer or dessert, then you bring that to the designated hosting houses.  It is a great way to get to know your neighbors.  I really recommend starting one up then doing it annually.  When we had that fire up our hill, I realized how many new neighbors had moved in this year that I had never met.  Hope they all show up at the party.

On to today's lace section.

Today's pattern has another giant hole in it.  This is another double YO with 4 stitches in it on the next row (pkpk).  Kristen gave us the name for the pattern, "Mandelkern," which means Almond.  Ok, it means almond kernel, but no one says that, so "Almond."  I'm guessing it is named for the almond shaped hole (duh).  Very simple and pretty.

Here is the section:

And here is what my scarf/shawl looks like now:


shaping the planet with Day 8.

December 9, 2012

Added Stitch Tutorial for Double YO

For Day 8, Kristen had a pattern with two Yarn Overs together.  This is a bit of an explanation of how I did this stitch.

YOYO  Double YO or YO 2 times

Yarn over two times

coming back on the wrong side row, 

purl into the first part of the YO but don't take the stitch off the left needle

then knit into the first part of the YO,
and take only the first loop off

then repeat by purling into the second part of the YO without taking the loop off,
and then knitting back into the same YO.
You will have a large YO space with 4 stitches holding the top
This is what it looks like after you have stitched the next row:
In this example, I did one with a single YO (on the right)  and one with a double YO (on the left),

I pkpk'd in both.
As you can see, there is little difference in the final size of the eyelet.


Please let me know with a comment if you have any suggestions or corrections. 

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