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2012AdventCalendarScarf Day 12


yes, that Christmas light display is a house on my street.  What you see in this photo is about 1/3 of the entire display.  Also, there is non-stop music.  I think it's kind of fun (except for the music).

I am continuing my posts on the 2012 Advent Calendar Scarf by Kristen Benecken, who is Wollkistchen on Ravelry.

Today is Day 12.  Wow, I was super slow with the knitting today.  I had a dentist appointment this morning, so I tried to get part of this pattern finished up last night.  I made it about 1/3 of the way through the pattern, not including the finished spacer, before I got too tired to continue and went to bed.  But, I just seemed to knit very slowly.  The pattern wasn't difficult, so I really can't explain it.  There are a few things that it is good to know, though.

Unless Kristen changes it, the charts are a bit wonky for the first 2 rows.

She has you increase from the spacer 3 stitches, to 94.  Then, looking at the chart, it seems that each repeat will have 12 stitches.  Um, 94 - 6 border stitches = 88.  This is not evenly divided by 12.  The thing is, you will just knit row 1 and purl row 2, so it doesn't really matter how you put in the stitch markers. As long as you counted to 94 correctly, you can wait to put them in on Row 3. In row 3, there are some multiple YO's.  So, it appears that Kristen just gives you the stitch count for row 3 right away, rather than having blank squares to fill out the rows.  Really, I don't know which is more confusing to people.  I think that I would rather have the blank squares.  But I figured this out, that really you have 11 repeats of 8 stitches in rows 1 and 2 with the help of some of the group in the Day 12 thread.  The group absolutely rocks.  People who don't knit can't understand this type of thing.  How people who have already started/finished get on and offer advice and answer questions of those of us in later time zones.  And they offer it cheerfully.  This is why knit-a-longs and crochet-a-longs are so much fun.  It's the camaraderie.

Ok, so Start with your stitch markers marking off every 8 stitches, and just knit row 1 and purl row 2 and don't count the stitches on the chart.

The next thing you might want to think about are the multiple YO's.  Kristen actually gives 4 YO's in a row.  I did not do that.  I can only imagine how giant the holes would be in my loosely knit scarf.  I actually did a single YO, remembering my experiment in Day 8. 

Row 4, remember to read the chart left to right.  (This is somewhat a note to self, as I had to tink a bit here.)

Row 6 and 8 have P2tog, or purl 2 together.  Kristen does not make a distinction with the symbol, though in the similar part of the pattern, later on with knit decreases, she does specify left leaning \ and right leaning /.  I decided to make my purl decreases lean the same way.  There is a great tutorial on the wonderful techknitting blog about how to do this.  The most important thing is to remember that when you are thinking left leaning, you mean the way it will look on the RIGHT side.  So, when you stitch row 6, the first decrease you make seems as though it would be a left leaning decrease.  But that is because you are on the WRONG side.  That first decrease will actually be a right leaning decrease on the RIGHT side.  I couldn't wrap my head around this and knit to row 7 before I really looked at what I was doing.  Then I tinked to row 5 and started over.  I think it looks correct, now.

My blocking for this is a bit crooked.  And I photographed it late because of many many interruptions today.  Sorry about the low quality.

See what I mean about the crooked pinning?  The holes are supposed to look a bit like rain drops.  Oh well.

Hope to get a better photo tomorrow.  If I do, I might swap this bad one out.

edited on Thursday, December 13 with a better photo:

shaping the planet with Day 12.

Same house, different angle.

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