Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Fixer


Sometimes I want to slap myself.  Today, one of my sisters was complaining about something.  I spent about 15 minutes trying to fix the problem for her.  I kept suggesting easy fixes.  She kept saying that won't work, don't worry, she would just deal with it.  Then I would suggest something else.  She would say that won't work, she would just deal with it.  Then, I would suggest something else.  And round and round we went.  On the way to the airport (we flew home today), I complained to my kids.  I just don't understand someone who has a problem, but when you give them a fix, they don't seem to want it.  My son, Himes, said, "Mom, if she doesn't want to fix it, just let it go."


It's doubly stupid of me, because there are times when I just want to complain, and I don't really care enough to fix a problem. I just feel crabby and want to get my crabbiness off my chest.  If someone suggests a "fix," I think to myself, "No, I don't want to fix this problem; I just like complaining."  Also, when my daughter, Moogie, complains, she rarely wants a fix, she just wants sympathy.  I have learned to just agree with her that what ever is wrong stinks, hug her, and let it go.

Why couldn't I see that with my sister?  After I got home, I thought of sending her a text saying something like, "Sorry I tried to push fixing on you."  But, I didn't think that would make sense, and I wasn't sure I was up to some marathon texting conversation trying to really get my thoughts across.  I am not up to much today.  Mainly because I have a horrible cold and a really nasty sore throat.  Right now, my throat hurts so much, I'm not sure I will go to Crossroads for Eastside Stitchers tomorrow night.  This is a really bad sore throat and I would not like anyone else in the group to get it.


Well, on a happier note, I started the Stage 4 Socks for Tour-de-Sock.  They are called Walking Through the Maze Gardens, and are by Meagheen Ryan.  They call for 500 beads.  I really like the pattern, but all the beading really slows me down.  I am using some yarn I won.  I think it was in SKA.  the yarn is by Swift Fiber Studio, and is their BFL/Nylon Sock yarn in the colorway Tempt Me, Tempt Me Not.

I'm using some beads from Ben Franklin that Skeinherder gave me.  They are purplish and green.  The yarn is blue and purplish, but I didn't have any blue beads with me in Southern California, and I wanted to start the socks.  Actually, I like the way the green looks.

The cable is quite easy, and addictive.  It's pretty late, but I'm trying to finish up the second repeat.  I think we need 4 repeats of the leg pattern.

I didn't knit on these on the plane because I was concerned about the beads.  Instead, I knit something that is a secret.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

shaping the world with family.

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