Sunday, July 7, 2013


Perfect day today.

The last two days, I have just cranked on the stitching.  Other than a few errands, I haven't budged from the couch where I do most of my knitting and  hooking.

I have made some great progress on 2 of the secret projects, and tonight, I finished the gusset decreases for the Stage 4 Tour de Sock socks.  My feet are rather long, so I still have one more day of serious knitting, but I might finish these by tomorrow night.

I can't wait to wear them.

While I've been stitching, I've been marathoning  Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, and Merlin.  I finished up Buffy yesterday (well, I just re-watched season 7, not the whole thing)  I admit that I sobbed through the final show.  I don't want to spoil it for anyone who might be interested in trying that show, so I will just say that show is one of the best written TV shows of all time.

Merlin, is a British show, based on the King Arthur stories.  It doesn't follow them exactly, so if you are a purist, you have to let that go, and just enjoy.  By enjoy, I mean, this show has every hot male actor in England in it, and they are often shirtless.  The chemistry between Merlin and Arthur is absolutely wonderful.  I knew the fifth and last season would be out on Netflix soon, so about a month ago, I rewatched the first 4 seasons to get ready for it.  Then starting yesterday, I just banged out show after show.  Fun Fun Fun.

I often listen to podcasts while I knit.  I can't watch the screen too much, as I am not confident enough to knit without looking.  And the eye candy that is Sir Gawain takes my eyes off my knitting quite a bit.  But, I had to watch the season to the end.  Again, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who is thinking of watching the show.  Some of it is a bit silly, and you just have to let that go and enjoy the relationships between the characters.  That part of each show is wonderful.  I loved the ending.  It was a wonderful companion to my stitching.

I don't know how people watch these shows one hour a week.  We actually watched Dr. Who that way this year.  We watched it every Saturday night.  But now, I am just waiting for it to come up on Netflix so I can go through the whole season again, show after show.

Now, I think I will rewatch Sherlock.  I never get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch.. Or Martin Freeman for that matter.

shaping the planet from Camelot.

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