Friday, July 12, 2013

2 Tables for Fiber Friday


The weather has cooled down nicely, here.  We are back to the kind of summer days that I love, where the temperature stays in the mid-70's (F), (23.9 C), there is often some cloud cover in the morning, and the nights are low 60's (15.5 C).

The Fiber Friday group from Eastside Stitchers met at Crossroads Mall.  This group started with only 5 original members, one who has moved to the OTHER Eastside, and one who was on vacation today, and yet, we still had so many people show up, that we needed 2 tables.

Fridays have a different feel from the Wednesday meet ups.  Part of it is that Crossroads is a bit slower and quieter in the mornings, at least until it gets close to noon.  Also, we sit at a different table, one in the center of the mall.  This table is under the big skylight, and has good light for stitching.

One thing that is the same, though, is how nice everyone is, and how supportive.  I love how we can ask for help or advice, and how generous the more advanced people are with their help.  Another thing that is the same for both groups is the great projects people bring.

 Teahouseknits  is designing something new, so I could only photograph her yarn.
I won't say anything about the project except that I really like what she has finished so far, and we had a discussion about magic looping, and 2-at-a-time.  I am a fan of both.  Teahouseknits is not so enthusiastic.

Winterpromise31, in the quest for some easy social knitting, brought a new hat.  It is the hat pattern and yarn from the Goody Bags for the Seattle Mariners Stitch and Pitch.
One of the interesting things about this hat is that it is knit flat.  In the goody bags, in addition to a bunch of patterns, you get some yarn and a pair of wooden straight needles.  These are meant to encourage beginning knitters, I guess.  So, it makes sense that if you only have the needles that came in the bag, you would knit the hat flat and seam it. 

Colleen brought a ... shhhhhhhhhhhh!  secret project.  She worked on it for a while, but brought a Safe-to-knit-around-Preggos Project as well because we knew GwenS was going to stop by for a bit.  The safe project is her first seamed sweater.  I am calling it the Pink Practice Sweater.

Welcome back, CodyJunk! 

CodyJunk came with a bag full of the cutest toys.  Of course I only took a picture of the washcloth/soap bag thing, Soap Nut Vessel, she was knitting. 

This prompted a discussion of who knits washcloths and dishtowels, and why.  I find them to be great social knitting.  Also, they make quick, nice gifts.

Constance49 brought her 2013 Summer Mystery Knit-a-long Shawl from The Fiber Gallery.  She is knitting it in beautiful Hazelknits sock yarn.
CathieC brought the Racing Raindrops Scarf

On Wednesday night, CathieC was having trouble with this pattern.  It's not the easiest social knitting.  When she brought out the project this morning, I was surprised.  But, since Crossroads is a bit more mellow on Friday mornings, it is easier to bring a more complicated project.

Wireknitter was wearing a new shawl, LightWaves by Susan Ashcroft.  This is knit in Noro Silk Garden and Cascade 220.  I just love the short row waves.
her knitting project was Cameo by Paulina Popiolek.
At first I thought she might be making a Color Affection, because of the striping.  This is a really beautiful pattern.  I am very tempted to make one.

Skeinherder was working on secret projects.
It seems that I am only able to photograph her yarn lately.  Here is her finished Stage 3 Tour-de-Sock sock to show that she does not just bring yarn, she actually Knits at Crossroads.
GwenS showed up near lunch time.  All of the secret knitting was whisked away.  GwenS brought a baby project, too, but for a friend who is not in Eastside Stitchers.
Yes, it is another Aviatrix hat.  We both agreed that it is just about the cutest baby hat in the world.

BlueBerryMary was starting a new Hoody Jacket.

But, she brought the best finished project of all.  No, not the darling baby dress and blanket she has been knitting the last few weeks. 

She brought the baby.  Welcome, Genevieve Rose, her new great-niece.

shaping the world with a published pattern (have I mentioned lately that I published a pattern on Ravelry?)

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