Saturday, July 6, 2013

Finally, Fiber Friday


I felt quite a bit better today, so I went up to Crossroads for Eastside Stitchers Fiber Friday.

This will be a quick post of who showed up and what they were working on, because, as usual, I have been knitting/crocheting way too late, and am dead tired.

Skeinherder showed up in time to visit with Tatting Guy.  I was late because I was tutoring one of my students.  I cannot show her project, but I can show the yarn:
The yarn is Berroco Vintage.  It's very soft.  Very Squishy. The colors are wonderful.  And it is washable.

Winterpromise31 has made real progress on her hat.  We had a lively discussion about the best way to knit cable/twisted stitches, when there are only 2 stitches being twisted.  I showed her the technique I learned from Tour-de-Sock.  I think it is the fastest.
Surprise Surprise, Guess who showed up?  AmiGirl!  Having the Friday off, was a bit of a boon for knitters who have wanted to join us.  She is working on the same beautiful green Sprucy Lucy socks.  The yarn is from Hazelknits, and goes  beautifully with the pattern:

 Constance came back today  I am so glad I got a chance to meet her.  She brought a beautiful shawl.  Sorry I don't have the name close by and am too tired to hunt for it.
This shawl is being knit in HazelKnits, too.  The interesting thing is that both this shawl AND the above socks by Amigirl:  ware both in the same HazelKnits sock yarn,  Just different colors.

CathieC is chugging away on her Yeti socks.
I brought the Tour de Sock Stage 4 socks.
I have picked up the gussets on both socks, and happily reduced away.  Once I returned home, I put the socks down and worked on a secret project.

And I watched Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Season 7.  I was listening too Abby of the Knit Knit Cafe the other day.  She is watching Buffy, and was talking about Season 7, and how she doesn't like this season as much as the original 5 seasons.  It is a much darker story line.  I remembered Season 7 fondly, so I started it again yesterday, and have been powering through the whole season while working on Tour de Sock.  I have to say, that while it is indeed a more serious overarching story, these shows are some of my favorites.  I love Andrew and Anya.  And, Spike is featured prominently.  Really wonderful writing.

shaping the world with a Revenge Demon and a Criminal Mastermind.  And a Vampire with a soul.

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