Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Dance Begins

7:30 am one correct section completed. 5 to go.  off to work.  this time keep your fingers and toes crossed since just fingers did not do it for me.

10:30 am back from work, laundry load switched  (2 loads waiting to be folded! one in the dryer), beginning second section.

10:55 am have to print out something, so I'm stopping. OMG, I counted, I mean really counted, and though I just finished 2 sections, I still have 5.  So I ripped out way more than I thought.  There are 12 sections.  Ok, calm down.  Running downstairs to print out form, and fold laundry, then back to the surprise.  It is just so pretty!  I really want it to be right.

5:07 pm O! dear!  I have been working with one of my math students (pro bono), since 12:30 and am just home.  Moogie and I are going to watch Pookie's play, Kiss Me, Kate, at the Village Theater.  We plan to eat dinner first, so I have about 20 min. to work on this project.... Here I go...

5:40 pm Finished 3 sections, 2 to go.  I have to get ready and leave for dinner and the theater.  I'm not sure if I will finish up tonight or not.  While I was tutoring, I brought the Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf (year 1) and almost finished it.  Except I ran out of yarn with one row to go and the fringe.  Really, that happened.  I will pick up another skein at Jo-Ann's tomorrow at Fiber Friday.  I can always use Gryffindor colored yarns....

10:53 pm  Home from the theater;  Pookie was wonderful.  He has a small part, mostly chorus, but gets to sing a few lines solo, and has one really funny line with a Baltimore accent (or his attempt at a Baltimore accent).  Ok, I can do this I can finish the penultimate round tonight. 

12:30 am tomorrow  Finished the penultimate round and did 3 of the 12 sections of the Final Round.  I don't want to jinx it, but, so far, so good.  Falling asleep, though, and don't want more silly errors.  It's almost hard to stop though I'm so tired because I love seeing the pattern emerge, and in this case, seeing the pattern finish up.

shaping the planet on the last round.

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