Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quiet Night for Eastside Stitchers


We had a gloriously cool day today, a bit of rain, clouds until mid-afternoon, and cool cool cool temperatures again.  My kind of summer day.

One thing or another led to a quiet evening at Crossroads.    The mall itself was rather quiet, perhaps everyone was outside enjoying the gorgeous evening.  When Colleen and I left, at about 8:45 pm, it was still so light out that I didn't need to turn on my headlights (of course I did anyway, I am a safe driver).

It was quiet at our stitching table, as well.  We spend a lot of time talking about sleeping, or lack thereof.  But, mostly, we stitched.  This makes for a pretty quick post.

Colleen brought her pink practice sweater.  She is working on the bands.  It is really coming along well.

Wajio was working on something secret.
LauraFranH brought a Potato Chip Scarf.
CathieC brought a Potato Chip Scarf.  Wait, didn't I just type that?  It was deja vu all over again.
The thing is, of course, that Potato Chip Scarves are pretty nice social knitting.  I need to start one.  I have decided that I just can't bring anything complicated.  I mean, my Garden Path socks from Tour de Sock are NOT complicated.  But, every time I bring them, I spend the next day tinking EVERY row I knit at Crossroads.  I save time by not bringing them to work on.   Tonight I worked on the Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf from the first book.

WireKnitter  was knitting another beautiful shawl.  Sorry, I didn't get the name, but I took a close up of her work (well as nice of a close up my little camera can handle ).  The "wrong" side of the fabric is as pretty as the "right" side.

The two moms-to-be who made it to Crossroads (someone was napping... not mentioning names, you know who you are...) were working on sweaters for their expected babies.

Vanesapolo is knitting a LadyLike Cardigan
And Hrvdmnky was working on a Mira Sweater (#2 for this pattern).

Next week we will meet on Wednesday, as usual, but then on Thursday, we will meet at the Mariners Game for the annual Stitch n Pitch.  Hope to see you there.  Not sure what I will be working on, something not too complicated, I hope.  I will try to post what I plan to bring here so if you see my project, please stop by and say hi.

shaping the planet with not enough sleep (back to my penultimate row...)

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