Friday, July 12, 2013

Life on the Farm 2013.07.12


My oldest daughter, Allifer, has been talking about starting a garden.  I laughed and said, (rather meanly I admit), "Yeah, right, like you could have a farm.  It will never be as nice as my farm."
Now, before you start laughing, let me give the back story.  When our kids were elementary school age, we regularly had them help with yard work.  This involved once a week, summer "weeding parties."  We would bring out the boombox with some great music, most often The Beatles, crank it up good and loud, and set them to work weeding the front yard.  They had to keep at it for 1 hour. 

You can't believe the screams and cries of outrage.  Allifer, especially, was very vocal about how much she hated this job.  Once, she threatened to call CPS (child protective services) to turn us in for child abuse.

So, the thought of her actually planting, weeding, and watering a real garden is hilarious.

She said her farm would be way better than MY farm.  I told her that we were already harvesting and using the produce from my farm.  She said, "all you have harvested is chives."  Which was true.  We had used chives in two different meals.

So, this week, I harvested some basil, and made chicken breasts, marinated in some Italian salad dressing, then poached with the basil on top.  Everyone loved it.

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