Saturday, July 6, 2013


Look!  an apple in our tree.

It's too hot.  It probably was in the 80's today, but it just felt super hot all day.  I cranked on 2 secret projects, so I don't have much in the way of progress photos.  I didn't knit on my Tour-de-Sock Stage 4 socks at all.  I kept saying, "I'll just finish one more row, then I will work on the socks," but, I was making good progress, and having fun with the surprise knitting/hooking, so I just kept going.

I have to say that I am enjoying moving from project to project again.  Before all the Sock Madness began, I made a point of working a bit on 2 to 3 different projects each day.  I would knit a bit, then make an afghan square, then knit on something else.  If I was close to finishing something, I would sometimes get monogamous for a day or so and finish that one thing up.  Taking breaks and changing up what I was working on during the day, kept each project fresh for me.  I don't like to have too many things going.  I can't keep all of the patterns in my head, and I find that a lot of time is wasted figuring out where I am, etc.  Three to five projects is just about perfect. 

Anyway, although it is hot, my cats, especially Beena, still want to sit on my lap while I work.  This makes a hot situation extra hot.  I mostly convince her to sit next to me, but sometimes I have to nudge her off.  Also, because of our raccoon visitor, we can't keep the deck doors open too late, and that cuts down on the evening breeze.  Ugh.

I still don't have a photo of the recently finished afghan, but my niece-in-law did send me one of her niece modeling the afghan.
Now that I have finished this one, I need to get to work on two more.  First, I need to finish up a few more squares for the afghan for Pookie so he can take it with him to college.  It must be finished by the end of August.  Also, I want to start another afghan in the same colors as the First Anniversary Afghan and make a second First Anniversary Afghan for my niece, Pinkie.  When I was down in So. California last March, I had dinner at her house.  I was scoping out the colors in her livingroom planning to make an afghan for her, as well.  My godson who got the afghan pictured above is her older brother.  I had to laugh a bit when I realized that the colors for the first afghan would be perfect for Pinkie's afghan.  Then, when my nephew and his bride opened the gift and took the afghan out to show everyone last week, Pinkie said, "what beautiful colors."  Hahahaha.  She will be getting something similar.  It will have different squares, however.  I really enjoy this BAMCAL group on Ravelry.  Making the different squares is not only fun, but it gets my own designing juices flowing.

shaping the planet with an apple on my "farm."
a boat enjoying the sunny day 

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