Friday, July 26, 2013

Stitch 'N' Pitch


Tonight was the annual Mariners Stitch 'n' Pitch night.  It was a perfect night for baseball, warm and clear.  Safeco Field (where the Mariners play) is a beautiful stadium.

Our seats were in level 3 almost right behind home plate.  The game started at 7:05 (why?  I have no idea why games don't start on the hour).  Pop was my guest, and we were lucky to have WinterPromise31 ride over with us.  We got to our seats about 15 minutes before the game started.  Tara1682, VanesaPolo, Skeinherder,

Ellyol, Chatzy, and Ellyol's mom

were already in their seats.  When we sat down, our row was full of knitters (and hookers), and one grandpa who wanted to watch the game.
GwenS and some friends from her Malabrigo Junkies Group sat a few rows behind us.
Directly behind us were Schrike and ErickaRS.

Ha ha.  There was this photographer, with a giant camera taking still shots of the knitters, and of course he focused on Schrike.  I guess he thought guys don't knit.  I saw him trying to get a candid shot of Schrike and Ericka and, being me, casually leaned back to photo bomb the shot.  But, he didn't take the picture, instead, he moved to a new location, and tried again.  Ericka was making some Tunisian crochet, and people in our row kept asking questions, so she kept leaning forward to answer, and I guess blocking the great photo of Schrike, a man, knitting.  Finally the photographer asked if the "guy in the black shirt" could lean forward and hold up his "needles, or what ever you call those things," so he could get a photo.  O, boo, I had to lean out of the photo.

Although I often joke about winning prizes, I want to say that I know it is really about the knitting.  It is really about the yarn.  It is really about the friends.  It is really about the relaxation and enjoyment found in the motions.  It is really about the process and also the final product.


At the game, one row of seats won goody bags with gifts from the various vendors at the event.  OUR ROW WON!  I am not kidding. 

They passed out bags with yarn, needles (I got 2 Addi Turbo Sock Rockets size 1 with 32" cables), and pattern books.  O! my.  What a lovely surprise.  We figure that we won because we filled the row, and we were all (except Pop) knitting.  They kept passing down the goody bags, so Schrike got one, also, even though he was the row behind.

Eastside Stitchers Rule!

 O, yes, the Mariners won, also, 8 - 1, though that isn't as important as our Victory.

shaping the planet as a winner!

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