Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eastside Stitchers Knit... Shhhhhhh!... It's a Secret


Our three Preggo members were absent tonight, so  many of those Eastside Stitchers who were able to come knit at Crossroads brought secret baby things to work on.

I did manage to get photos of more than just what we ate, however.

For instance,  Oh My!
Tara1682 brought her gorgeous Cloisters Wrap.  It is finished AND blocked.  Her Grandma is one lucky lady.

She was working on an "amorphous pink blob." 

CathieC brought her Racing Raindrops Scarf by Churchmouse Yarn & Teas. 
By the time the evening had ended, CathieC said she was doing "negative knitting,"  and had made only backwards progress.

Wajio also had something pink.  But, I was only allowed to photograph the yarn.

Speaking of yarn,  Skeinherder had all kinds of beautiful yarn for me to photograph.
I just couldn't take any photos of her actual projects.

Wireknitter brought something that was NOT baby related.  Redbird1 might recognize this pattern:
Not a very good photo, but it is Jared Flood's Guernsey Wrap.

We had another finished project.  Colleen brought the Spiderman blanket that she is making for the son of a friend.

The photo does not do this beautiful blanket justice.  The colors are vibrant.  She did a fabulous job with the crochet overstitching for the web lines.  A really wonderful job.

That's it for tonight.  We had a rather small group as people are out of town, etc.  It was quiet in the mall, too.  Just right for a stitch night.

shaping the planet with ... shhhh!
ha, I didn't work on a baby item, I brought my Tour-de-Sock Stage 4 Socks

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