Friday, July 19, 2013

Fiber Friday: It Takes Two To Tango


This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken of my cats.  Beena is totally photo bombing Muffin.  And Muffin is not amused. 

Today began with a text from Skeinherder:  "bad migraine, not going to make it to Fiber Friday at Crossroads." 

Well, bummer.  I was looking forward to seeing her, but migraines stink, and who wants to be in public with one?

I was tutoring my 50+ student at a local Starbucks.  My father in law (Pop), and sister in law, K, were on their way from Phoenix to stay with us for part of the summer, and expected sometime today (they did arrive around 1 pm).  We needed some new towels.  Really, I can't ask them to use swim/beach towels, which my kids are using for bath towels.  Where are all our bath towels?

So, after tutoring, I ran to bed, Bath, and BEYOND... and got some new bath towels, then ran through Jo-Ann's (stopping briefly to buy some more Gryffindor yarn for my scarf I am hooking), and got to our table in the middle of Crossroads at about 9:30 am, way late, and

no one was there.

Ok, I knew Skeinherder wasn't coming, but as I have a stupid phone, and no internet access, I hadn't checked the Ravelry boards to see if anyone else wasn't going to make it.  Well, actually, I knew Wireknitter was going to miss today, as well.  But last week was so crowded, we needed 2 tables. 

I sat down and finished the last row of the Gryffindor scarf, now that I had more yarn.  You might remember that I ran out of the crimson with 1 row and the fringe to go.  I figured I would stay until 10:30 am or so, in case anyone else was coming late.

I was glad I did, because Constance49 came with her beautiful 2013 Summer Mystery Knit-a-Long Shawl from The Fiber Gallery.

It was fun to just sit and work and chat.  Just the two of us.

I finished the fringe on the Gryffindor Scarf.
And tried to sew my Snake test crochet together.
Ahem, I noticed a rather funny thing when I started sewing the two sides of the snake together. It seems that I grabbed two very different gauge yarns when I went fishing for yarn in my acrylic bin.  So the black side is much bigger than the yellow.  Ha ha ha.  I am going to sew it together anyway, and see what happens.  I feel like that will be a valid test for the pattern.  The truth is, the pattern is very clear and well written, and needs no corrections.  I was wondering a bit about the sewing together.  I decided to try whip stitching it, and do not like the sloppy way that is looking at all.  I think I will rip that out and try just hooking it together.  Yes, that will leave a ridge on the sides, but I think it will still look much neater.  That will be one of my suggestions to the designer, Sonea Devlon.  She might want to give some suggestions on how to sew it together.  Everything else about this pattern so far has been very nice.

Anyway, I really missed the regular Friday Gang.  WinterPromise31, CathieC, BlueBerryMary, Colleen, VanesaPolo, Skeinherder, TeahouseKnits, CodyJunk, WireKnitter, Amigirl, the occasional GwenS.  Wow, see how much fun Fridays are? 

O!  I almost forgot, 100 downloads of my Spider Square.  I am in triple digits.  (not that I am counting, but of course I AM counting.)

shaping the planet with a good tango

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