Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still Dancing with Surprises


Thank goodness it is clouding over.  We are close to the record for days without rain here, and while for a few weeks it was gloriously sunny but only in the mid 70's, the last few days have been horrible for our area.  Upper 80's.  UGH!  I don't know if I want thundershowers tonight, but I do want the low 80 temperature that we are supposed to have tomorrow.

I have been hooking and ripping and hooking and ripping.  Like one step forward, two back, two forward, one back.  It is a weird and frustrating dance.  I have started highlighting the chains on the pattern.  That is helping me keep everything straighter.  I get so mad at myself because I think I am checking to make sure I'm counting, then when I come around on the next round, I find some stupid error like 4 chains instead of 7.  There is nothing to do but rip back a round.

I need to finish this up because I have so many other projects going.

I am working on a Gryffindor inspired scarf for my Great Nephew Z.  He will be in first grade next year, and has been reading the Harry Potter series with his mom.  Of course, he loves Gryffindor, and wants a scarf.  He is a tough kid to knit for because he lives in Southern Calif where he would never wear knit hats or mittens, and he is not the kind of kid who likes stuffed animals.  The scarf will be perfect for him.

I am crocheting rather than knitting, because it will be way faster, he will never know the difference, and I don't think I would actually finish a stockinette scarf.  I mean, I made the Dr. Who scarf once, and that was garter stitch, but it took about 6 months.  I want to finish this in 2 days if possible.

I am also test hooking a pattern.  I decided that now that I am a famous designer, did I mention that I had published a pattern?, I need to get hooked up with the testing community.  I wanted to experience it from the tester point of view first, to learn about how to submit patterns and get feedback, etc.

This pattern is very simple.  It is for a crocheted snake
In some ways, I question the need for a written pattern for this project.  But, the designer, Sonea Devlon, has done a very good job with the shaping, especially for the head.  I don't know if she is planning on putting the pattern up for sale, it is currently free.  Anyway, it is fast and fun, and I have lots of nieces and nephews as well as some new honorary nieces on the way who might enjoy a snake friend.

I have not been able to knit on my Tour de Sock socks for 3 days now.  I am getting the spare bedroom ready for visitors who will arrive Thursday.  That is where my yarn was stashed.  I had to pack it all up (I had been storing most of it in the dresser...), and moved downstairs to The Cave (my office).  I put most of it in plastic storage bins, and my darling baby, Pookie, did the carrying for me.  "Why do yo have so much yarn?"  was his only question.

"Because I need it,"  I replied.

Enough writing.  I have projects to get back to!  Honestly, I am amazed that I actually cleaned out that room today.  I would way rather be dancing with my crochet hook.  Even with all the errors and ripping, it is a fun project.

shaping the planet with a song in my heart.

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