Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pike Place Market


Yesterday, my father-in-law (Pop), sister-in-law (K), Doc and I went to the Pike Place Market in Seattle.  We are having a really nice visit.  K has been here before, but never in the summer.  Pop has visited many times, but not for at least 5 years.  Our weather is cooperating beautifully in that it has been cool with a bit of cloud cover in the mornings burning off around noon with sunny but not too hot afternoons.

Yesterday was the same.  The temperature stayed in the 70's and was just lovely in Seattle.  We got to the Market around 11 am.  Wow it was crowded.
The top floor, which is street level on the west side, was absolutely packed.  This floor has the fish markets,

produce markets,
flower stands,
The next level has a book store that sells my book, Salt and Pepper at the Pike Place Market (shameless plug - but buy one, it's a really cute book - also available at Amazon), as well as the Giant Shoe Museum, one of my favorite stops in the Market.
Actually the 2nd and 3rd levels are full of all kinds of fun shops from magic to art.  We continued down then took the elevator to the waterfront level.  I have never seen that elevator actually working.  You cross the street on a sky bridge to the Pike Place Hill Climb, a pubic stair that takes you down to the street level right across from the Seattle Aquarium.  Pop was not excited at the idea of all those stairs, and as we saw someone come out of the elevator, we were happy to take it down.  But, ha!  the down button didn't work (not kidding).  So Doc ran down the stairs while we waited in the elevator.  He pushed the button to get the elevator down and so we went.  OMG, fix that elevator.  I wrote that book more than 10 years ago and the elevator was broken then.

We crossed the street to the waterfront
and walked along watching the boats on Puget Sound

until we came to Anthony's Pier 66 Restaurant where we had a great lunch.

Today, we are headed out to Mt. Rainier.
shaping the planet while driving around Washington.

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