Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pie Are Square

Happy Pi Day, Everyone!

For those of you who aren't Math Geeks, today's date is 3/14 or 3.14 which is the abbreviation for the magical mathematical number Π  (Pi), which is very useful for finding the area or circumference of circles.  The formula for finding the area of a circle is Πr2  or pi r squared.  Get it?

I was going to bake an apple pi for my son L, who IS a math geek, but I got hung up on Ravelry (yes I am blaming Ravelry), looking at patterns and all of the amazing finished socks on SKA for the March challenge, so I just made a breakfast pi, or a quiche for those of you who demand honesty, and of course in the spirit of the area formula, it is squared.

As I said, I was drooling at all of the finished, and wip's in SKA and also SolidSocks for the month.  This is because I am busily knitting away on my two very different sock projects.

I am ready on both to start the heels.  Finally.

The Liz Marino Snuggly Socks are knitting up beautifully. 

I have decided with some angst, regret and a spirit of true generosity, to not keep these socks.  I really really really want to keep them.  I love the feel of the Mountain Colors sock yarn.  I love the simplicity, yet interest in the rib pattern.  I love the stretchiness the pattern is giving to the legs of the socks.  But, my nephew who is also one of my Godsons, A, is getting married this summer.  I have decided to give these socks to his bride, S, and make a matching pair for him.  They can snuggle up together in their matching Snuggly Socks.  

 However!  this is such a nice pattern, that I might make it my Go To pattern for Vanilla Socks.  I mean, it would make Vanilla socks so much more than plain Vanilla, yet be the kind of sock the Doc would love to wear, and me, too!  I want a pair.

I am liking the Classic Elite Summer Sox yarn more and more.  It still feels a bit sticky as it runs through my fingers, but as I fondle the fabric I have knitted, I like it.  It will never feel like wool, or sadly like the cashmere socks I made myself in January.  But for a lighter summer sock, it is quite nice.

The big mistake was asking Doc how long he wanted the legs.  I was thinking that I might get away with knitting a shorter leg, like he could wear these golfing... but he told me that he loves the Movember Mystery socks I made him for the SKA November challenge, and he wants these to be the same size.  That means 8 in. legs.  EIGHT INCH LEGS.

 I finally finished them last night and am ready to begin the heels.  Luckily, Doc has reasonably sized feet for a man, and it should all go much faster from here.

I love how the pattern, when not stretched, looks a bit like a weird tree trunk, maybe a palm tree.

Biking to California

Today I knit 6.77 miles and about 37 minutes.  I went over the 35 minutes from hell because I was having trouble scooting the last few stitches over the join on my circular needle and up onto the actual needle.  So I was pushing at it and picking at it (broke my thumbnail!), then I looked up and I was at 37 minutes.  So of course, I stopped trying and pedaling at the same time.  Yay, I have reached 47.99 miles in my trip south to visit my family in Orange, CA.

The pink Berry Baby Hat is now big enough to add the leaf part.  I will get that started at home since I don't want to be fiddling, trying to add a second color of yarn while riding a bike through Washington toward Oregon.

Where in the World is f1bercat

Today I reached what used to be Lamb's Ear Yarn, in Tacoma.  Sadly it has closed. 

They had what looked like a thriving group on Ravelry.  And they sold fleeces.  How nice to find a shop relatively close to home that sells fleece... for when I go off the deep end and start spinning.
It is always sad when an LYS closes.

I'm feeling a bit let down.  So, I'll just post the big map.

At least tonight is Wednesday, and I get to knit with my Eastside Stitchers Buddies!  Thank goodness for friends with sticks and string.

Now, go out and eat some pie.

shaping the world one pi at a time.

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