Friday, March 30, 2012

The One Where I Mostly Untangle Yarn Yet Finish My Gorgeous Gloves


Do you take your yarn from the inside of the ball or the outside?  I always take it from the inside.  And, yet, I know that the ball will collapse, and there will be a tangle at some point.  It happens every time.  But, still I like to take the yarn from inside.  Why?????

I spent most of Sunday winding yarn so I can finally start a lace shawl for my mom.  (still haven't started it )  Then I rewound the yarn for those brown Cobblestone socks for the Doc that I posted yesterday, because the balls had collapsed and were a tangled mess.  Today I spent most of the morning rewinding the balls of red yarn for the Red Hot Sweater for my friend Tony.  I knit 5 rows while riding the exercise bike.  I spent as much time fixing the tangled yarn BEFORE I went to the Y. 

I almost took photos of the balls of neatly wound yarn.  They were my finished objects.  How pathetic.  I do have another really nice finished object.  

 I didn't need to untangle the yarn for these.  

 A few weeks ago, I posted my first glove EVER.  Over the weekend, I finished the mate.   

And again, I am so proud of myself.  Really. I owe it all to LizMarino.  I would never have even tried to make gloves if it hadn't been for her Gift Knits Club.  

Where in the World is f1bercat?

I have decided that, while I am still going to work on increasing my minutes spent knitting (I mean riding the exercise bike WHILE knitting), I am going to try to work my way up to 10 miles, rather than focusing on how many minutes in the bike seat.  I need to increase my speed a bit.  Today, I worked on keeping the speed up to 12 mph and pushing 13 mph as much as possible.  So, I was able to get 7.33 miles in about 38 min. 

Where am I?  I reached Yarn & Things, in Chehalis WA.  This is a tough one to visit virtually, because I can't find a website for the shop.  I can only assume they are still in business, and I am busy virtually peeking through the window.

Good night, everyone

shaping the planet one PAIR of gloves at a time.

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