Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Massive Migraine does NOT stop Bike Trip

Where in the World is f1bercat?
Here I am stuck on the side of the road, 1 mile to go before I hit my next Washington LYS, Yarn &; Things, in Chehalis, WA.  Not only am I stuck in shouting distance (I have a loud voice, I'm sure it will carry a mile), but I have a horrible migraine.  I almost didn't go to the Y.  But, I know if I let this keep me from riding, then, well, that is a slippery slope to stopping my trip.  I WILL make it to California.  So I went to the Y and knit for 38 min. though it did not feel good.

Here I am stuck on the road just North of Chehalis:

Because of the migraine, but really because my Daughter #2, S, is home on break and scheduled a hair appointment at 5 and is taking my car!, I will not be able to meet my best knitting Buddies, the Eastside Stitchers, tonight.  I plan on joining the new Thursday group, tomorrow. At least, for a few hours.  Got to have my stitching friends fix.

I was going to save these for Friday, have a "FO Friday."  But, since I won't have any Eastside Stitchers WIP's to post, I have to post my own.

I have finished the Doc's Cobblestone Socks.

If you remember, I made them in Classic Elite Summer Sox, which has a mix of wool, cotton, and nylon, in the color Pecan.  I was not happy with the way the yarn felt at first.  But, I got more and more used to it.  That doesn't sound good, but I am starting to like the yarn.  I just finished a pair of wool/cashmere socks right before I started these, and well, the cotton did not feel like cashmere.  However, I like the feel more and more.  The knit up fabric is much nicer than the yarn itself.  We shall see what the Doc says.  He loves the first pair of socks I made him.  I will put these in his Easter Basket. 

Have a great day.

shaping the planet with a huge migraine


  1. Nice socks! I don't usually like brown, but that's a nice color :)

    Sorry about your migraine, I know those can be killer.

  2. Thanks, I'm feeling a bit better. The brown is for the SolidSocks challenge for March. And well, they are for my husband. I'm trying to convince him that colorful is cool...