Saturday, February 1, 2014

Four for Fiber Friday

This is a pretty bad photo taken this evening, but I wanted to share my latest handspun.  Yes!  There was so so much that I had to divide it into two skeins.  The yarn suffers from the usual problems with my beginner yarn, it is over spun in some areas and underspun in others.  But, I  feel like I am improving.

There were four of us at Crossroads this morning.  Zillalate brought a beautiful pair of fingerless mitts.  I forgot to get a photo of them before she had to leave.  We were both trying to finish just one more thing for our HPKCHC January classs.

Here is where she had been sitting...
JulieMustKnit brought her 6th sock:
WinterPromise31 brought a beautiful cowl:
This is just a quick post.

The fiber friday group is planning a field trip to visit the LYS that is in the Country Village.  We will go on a friday in February, probably February 21.  If you want to come but need a ride, pm me on ravelry.  This should be a fun visit.

shaping the planet with cats on my projects.

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