Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crochet Meter


I had to take my car in for some service this morning, and there were snow flurries in Renton.  It is supposed to be in the teens tonight, so, if there is enough moisture in the air, we will get some snow.  I don't think we will, however, it seems that the cold air is also dry air... We need snow.

But Brrrrr!  it was cold today.

I have been knitting the third pattern for the 2014 Mystery Blanket KAL but since I tutored today as well as taking my car in, I don't have any photos.  I have also been working on the cowl I am making with the stitch pattern from Day 15 of the 2013 Advent Calendar Scarf.  I have to substitute tomorrow afternoon, and tutor in the morning, but I'm hoping that I can run home in between jobs and get some photos.  The Cowl is slow...... but the pattern is really pretty.

I want to show all of the projects that I have crocheted so far this year because I have added up the yardage on the crochet meter at the Knit Meter website. 

I hooked 475 yards of afghan squares for my Godson's Graduation Afghan:

Mermaid Costume 334 yds
Other Afghan squares which added up to 781 yds!

and one secret project which was 230 more yds (I can't post a photo yet.)
for a total of 1820 yards crocheted so far this year.

Pretty amazing.

shaping the planet with a cat on my lap.

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